5 Useful Steps for Writing Great Descriptive Essays

Writing an essay is one thing but if you are reading this, you want the next level stuff. Let me just dust off my thesaurus and essay checklists and let us do this!

There are many different steps one can follow in order to write an essay that is brilliantly written and incredibly descriptive. Your professor will be falling from his chair when he reads your essay! Now let us explore the wonderful world that is writing and the power you can have as the writer. Trust me, you are like a superhero with words as your weapons, now let’s go!

Step 1: Writing the Essay

Okay, so the first step may sound a little strange but hear me out. My recommendation is to write the essay and focus on the question, structure and overall essay. Don’t be fancy, work on getting the point across and answering the essay’s question. Don’t go and spend hours on a paragraph trying to make it better sounding, just write for writing’s sake. Think of it like you need to finish it so you can submit it. This means taking the research, the topic and writing about and for that and only that. This isn’t for anyone’s eyes but your own.

Step 2: Assess the Mess

So yes, you have possibly produced a dumpster fire of an essay. That is okay. Now we can begin fixing it. Ask yourself this, did you answer the question of the essay correctly? No? Rewrite this essay now and answer the damn question!

Okay the same question, yes you did? Great, let us move on. So now you need to understand the highs and lows of the essay. What is good about it and what is problematic. Try and edit the essay overall one you have pinpointed all the flaws in the work. Be careful when editing to not lose sight of the overall essay and the question.

Often you will think, “I wish there was someone that can write me an essay.” Fortunately, there is help for just that.

Step 3: That Vocab Though

Now you have to rewrite this essay you need to go through it again and see how you can improve on the vocabulary. Grab that thesaurus and let us do this thing. Look at some of your more basic words and consider how you can articulate yourself more clearly and eloquently. See what I did there? Two words that haven’t been used much if at all in this article, I went and made some stronger vocab choices for that sentence. Does it stick out just a bit more?

Language is a beautiful thing and the power of words is something that is largely underestimated. The power of vocabulary is unrivaled in the English language as it can make a sentence mean so much more than it was originally intended too. Sometimes synonyms for basic words can evoke a different feeling from the reader and can shape the way in which they think.

Step 4: Show and Show… thought I was going to say tell didn’t you.

Make the reader imagine it for themselves based on the words you are writing. Imagine describing a broken car as simply that…. A broken car.

‘The car looked sad. The paint job was worn, rust plagued the lining and the leather was torn in various places.’

There are so many ways to explain something but to capture the reader’s attention and force them to actually consider what this object or place may look like when you have done a great job of showing them instead of telling them.

Step 5: Rewrite, Rephrase, Repeat

Well, we are back to that step of rewriting the essay. Creative work never ends, the rewrites alone are enough to make you want to just let yourself fail but don’t let it get to you. You have come this far and only have a little bit more to go.

Read your essay again and see how you now feel about it, also do a slight check. Try getting someone else to read it and give you an opinion too in order to really see where you are going right or wrong. Get the final opinions and do your final- hopefully -edit of this essay.

You made it to the end! Well done! Hopefully, you followed these steps to get there to help make your writing just that little bit better.

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