How to Impress a Girl on WhatsApp or Facebook Chat Online?

While watching a youtube video on psychology, I scrolled down to the comments section and found that there are questions like “How to Impress a Girl in WhatsApp?”, How to Impress a Girl on Facebook chat? How to impress a girl with chatting? How to impress a girl on chat example? How to attract a girl by chatting? How to talk to a girl on fb to impress her?

I am not a psychology expert but as per my knowledge, I can say it is possible to attract anyone you love, many guys are already doing this in their practical life. Attracting a person you like is possible with psychology, but are not disclosed by experts to prevent from being exploited.

For example:

How does it feel to watch the same movie again and again?
Certainly, you’ll get bored in the second, third or maybe the fourth time.

But why do we get bored when we watch the same movie again and again?
It’s because we know what will happen next and all the excitement fades away.

Creating impression on someone follows the same rule. Most people do not take interest in people who are easily predictable because they find them boring. Whereas, mysterious and unpredictable people are always successful in gaining attraction of others.

This was only one point, there are more such points which I found in my research. I am going to mention some of them here.

But remember every person is different, they have their own likes and dislikes. So, the points I am going to mention here may not work for all people. You can take an idea from these tips to find your own.

How to Impress a Girl on WhatsApp or Facebook Chat Online?

1. Talk about her

Who doesn’t like to talk about him/her?
Everyone loves when they are the topic to be discussed of. But this doesn’t mean, discuss their bad or negative things especially in the case of girls.

Most of the girls love to be the center of attention. Talk about her, her interest, her friends, her family.

If you have just started a conversation with a new girl, she might not take interest in you, and she has an obvious reason for that because there are dozens of guys in her inbox which she has decided not to respond to.

If she has replied to you, that means she thought you’re different than those dozens of guys who are still waiting for a reply. You have to maintain this impression to her.

But how?

To keep her replying to you, start with a question for which she can answer in one word or one line. And if possible give a fake surprised expression with a genuine but indirect compliment.

For example:

Me: Hey!! Are you the same Shreya from XYZ school? [You asked a question]
She: Yes. [Her reply in one word]
Me: Oh Really!! [Surprised expression]
Me: I am pretty sure that even more guys try to flirt with you now than they used to do in school those days. Isn’t it? [Genuine but indirect compliment]

Please note two things in the last line:
1. I didn’t give a direct compliment because she might take it as a flirt instead of a compliment.
2. I have ended the sentence with a question, which she can’t resist herself to reply because she doesn’t want to make a rude impression on you about her by not replying to a compliment.

In this way, you try to ask some more easy questions from past to keep the conversation going on, but don’t compliment her every now and then, else you’ll leave an impression as a flirt.

2. Call her name

People mostly skip using each other’s name while chatting. This will show how attentive you are while chatting with her. Try to use her name whenever the conversation gets boring or you think she is losing her interest.

The most beautiful word for a person is his/her name.

Whenever you notice that she is replying late or any other sign that shows she is losing her focus in the conversation, call her name.


  1. Are you busy, Shruti?
  2. We can talk sometime later if you’re busy Shruti.
  3. It seems you are really busy Shruti. Okay! We can chat later when you are free.

Most probably she won’t say, “Yes, I am busy” unless she is really busy. And in case if she says that, it’ll leave a positive impression on her that, how understandable person you are. And for that, she will start liking you more.

Call her name when:

  1. She is happy
  2. You are really very happy
  3. She is sad or emotional
  4. She is angry with you
  5. You offended her by mistake

Never call her name when:

  1. You’re angry with her
  2. In a situation of cold war
  3. You’re not in a good mood

3. Be Unpredictable

I have told you why to be unpredictable while chatting with a girl with an example of a movie. Everyone likes things that are out of their thought or expectations.

If you want a girl to like you, do some unpredictable things which surprise her. Making her surprise doesn’t mean you do things which she doesn’t like or make her sad.

The girl will surely start hating you when you involve yourself in an ongoing ‘comments chat’ with her friends or family on her recently uploaded pic/status.

Instead, take a screenshot of any of her friend’s funny comment, and send that in the private message with a ‘laughing out loud’ GIF/Emoticons. Sometimes, it’s ok to make fun of her. And if possible, give a compliment for her extraordinary replies.

So now, how to be unpredictable?

There are many ways to do unpredictable things which will make her happy.

For example:

Go and like some of her really great old pics on Instagram or Facebook when she is sleeping or offline. Don’t like each and every pic you see. Like only those which are really great, and make sure you don’t like more than 3-4 pics. Otherwise, she may think you’re buttering her.

Note: Try this when the girl becomes a good friend of yours and feels really comfortable talking to you. Using this example from the very first day of chatting is not a good idea.

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4. Remember the little details

Try to remember the little details of her. Remember the story which she said you once that, how tasty was the ‘Paneer Tikka’ that she ate at her cousin’s wedding.

When you remember the little details, you can use them some months later to impress her. Whenever you get a chance to talk about tasty food, you can remind her of that story.

If you use your brain, you can trick her to create such situation to remind her of such stories that she told you once.

For example:

Suppose, you have gone at a party, and when you returned home, you tell her on WhatsApp or Facebook chat that “how tasty the food was, which reminded you about the ‘Paneer Tikka’ at her cousin’s wedding”.

This will create an impression that how serious you are about her, that you remember the little details of her.

5. Make fun of her

If you try to impress her every time. It will make her feel that you are always buttering her. It’s ok to make fun of her sometimes, it shows your confidence.

Making fun of her doesn’t mean to offend her. Always, keep one thing in mind that she doesn’t get offended by your words.

It’s better not to be too personal. Never make fun of her clothes and family.

Hope you like these tips on How to Impress a Girl on WhatsApp or Facebook chat. Please comment below if you have other things you tried to impress a girl on WhatsApp or Facebook. You can also use these tips for random video chat websites.

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