The Wedding Planner’s Checklist For A Wedding In The 21st Century

Wedding Planner's Checklist

There is no sugarcoating the fact that planning a wedding is stressful. It involves taking care of every nitty-gritty, right from selecting the wedding party theme to outlining the seating arrangement. Fortunately, even the toughest of tasks can be completed once you break it down into smaller chores and map your progress through checklists.

The Wedding Planner’s Checklist

Whether you are a seasoned wedding planner or a lovestruck couple who is trying to plan a wedding on a budget – here is a wedding planning checklist for a 21st-century wedding:

1. Outline Your Budget

Even though your wedding day comes once in a lifetime, you would not want to fall into debt during the celebration. Thus, the first step of planning a wedding revolves around setting a budget.

Figure out who is paying for what, what you wish to spend on, and what expenses would you like to curb. Allocate funds and tabulate it in a spreadsheet to track the changes.

2. Create a Guest List

Now that you have a budget in mind, you also have a ballpark figure on the expected headcount. While finalizing your guest list, categorize them into close relatives, friends, office colleagues, mutual friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. Assign priority to each category and shortlist the ones whose presence would make a world of difference on your special occasion.

3. Decide the Wedding Theme

Themed weddings are the newest trends to blow up and steadily gain traction. Everything, right from the wedding attire to the decoration, is planned according to this wedding theme.

Given how the celebration revolves around this theme, it would be a wise decision to select the wedding theme right in the initial stages of planning. As a result, you could start by browsing the several wedding invitation templates available online that can match up with even the quirkiest of themes!

4. Pick a Venue and Caterer

Throwing lavish weddings has become part and parcel of the 21st century. However, whether you wish to throw an extravagant affair or host a small and intimate wedding, you will have to start early while scouting for a wedding venue. Further, take cognizance of the number of guests, your wedding theme, and the location of the venue while reaching this decision.

Wedding Planner's Checklist

Wedding Planner’s Checklist

Most wedding venues offer in-house catering services too. However, in case it doesn’t, you will also have to choose a caterer depending on your desired menu and dietary preferences. You may even schedule a tasting with the caterer to ensure that they don’t goof up on your special day.

5. Choose a Wedding Invitation

Speaking of guests, venue, and themes, it is essential to put in your thought and efforts when you make your own invitations. Depending on your budget and preferences, anything right from a pre-wedding shoot video to handmade, calligraphed cards qualify as wedding invites.

Your wedding invitation should be a reflection of your wedding theme and what the guests can expect at the event. Plus, it should clearly convey the details of the wedding, such as the venue, how to get there, date, and timing.

6. Select Your Dress

Now is the time to say yes to the dress!

Shopping for clothes for your special day can be tedious and time-consuming. Hence, try to get it done as early as possible. Further, last-minute shopping is anyway a recipe for disaster, so why wait? Choose the various outfits that not only go well with the themes of the wedding but are also appropriate for the ceremonies.

As the D-day draws near, consider getting fitted for the dress to accommodate any size changes.

7. Book Rentals, Makeup Artist, etc.

Amidst all the excitement and nervous jitters, it is easy to slip up on making any bookings or reservations. Block the dates of your makeup artist, hire entertainment, rent furniture for the venue, and contact the vendors for the decor and flower arrangements – these are only a few of the many activities that you may miss out on. Plan and schedule everything in advance so that you don’t have to overpay or “make do” with anything that is available.

8. Plan Your Honeymoon

Sure, you may have talked about your honeymoon several times, but have you really planned it? If not, then now is the time to catch up with it! Shortlist your honeymoon destinations and finalize the dates.

Research on the places to visit and create an ideal itinerary. Once you have everything in order, book your flights and hotel rooms. The sooner you iron out these details, the better are your chances to grab an awesome deal!

9. Make Arrangements for the Guests

Several of your out-station guests will be flying in from all over the world to be a part of your special day. Some of these guests would rely on you for their basic needs.

To avoid any embarrassment, include making arrangements a part of your wedding checklist. Book hotel rooms, hire cab services, and schedule day trips to ensure that your guests are well looked after and entertained during their stay with you.

10. Finally, Enjoy Your Special Day

The final day of the wedding will be a flurry of activities from final makeup touchups to smiling for uncountable photographs. Remember to be present in the moment rather than worrying about any planning or execution. Thank your guests, break out in a dance, and commemorate the occasion with cutesy couple photographs.

You do not need a Pinterest perfect wedding to have fun at your wedding. Regardless of how things pan out over the course of time, remember that your wedding day is all about – celebrating your love and commitment.

Key Takeaway

Once again, planning a wedding is tough. However, it is not impossible.

So go on and let go of your fears and inhibitions and spend the day in the manner you’d enjoy it the most! Don’t let the stress of planning the wedding get to you, rather use it as an experience to grow as a couple. Explore your partner’s desires, likes, and dislikes, because that’s the foundation of a lasting marriage.

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