10 Best Digital Learning Tools For College Students In 2020

Studying in college is a complicated process that requires a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, the digital era brings a lot of digital tools that enhance learning. Read the post and find the selection of the top ten tools for college students.

Online Collaboration

Nowadays, everything goes online. There is no need to visit physical classrooms to learn new skills anymore. Moreover, it is easy to communicate with everyone around the globe by using a desktop or smartphone in your pocket. Check out the best tools for online collaboration.

Google Classroom

It is one of the best tools that allows tutors and students to communicate effortlessly. It allows creating a virtual classroom and gathering all the students in one place by sharing a unique code. The inbuilt functionality foresees the option to share assignments by using a convenient interface. Also, tutors can create online quizzes by using this service.


It is a leading app for video conferencing. It provides the ability to erase the distances and start a one-a-one conversation from any location. By using this application, students can create online meetings with ease. It is a top-notch tool to practice foreign languages to communicate with tutors online. The platform offers free 40-minute sessions for groups of 3 and more participants. The easy-to-use interface allows joining a virtual meeting by using a unique code or a personal link name.

Online Learning

A lot of students think that face-to-face education in college is not enough to get an excellent education. To learn new skills or boost their proficiency in a particular field, learners use online platforms for additional learning. Most of them provide access to thousands of video-courses and educational materials online.


It is one of the most fast-growing platforms for distance learning. There are more than 3900 video courses on different specializations. By using this website, you can take a deep dive into any field of study from home. There are a lot of programs from various universities around the globe. Some of them are free and requires students to spend from 5 to 20 hours a week.

For instance, if you have poor writing skills, there is no need to examine the best college paper writing service reviews to find a reliable essay creating company. Find a creative writing course that suits all your needs and become the best writer in your group. Additionally, Coursera offers the ability to get certificates and share them on LinkedIn.


It is a great platform where freelance tutors can share their skills by using video tutorials. The website implies more than 100 000 courses in different languages. Here, you can find both free and paid video tutorials. Therefore, you can find an education course to boost your knowledge in a particular area.

It has a mobile application and foresees the option to download videos on a smartphone. Also, each tutor and course has a rating in stars and comments.

Open Culture

You have to visit this website if you’re looking for a place that gathers thousands of free video lessons and hundreds of podcasts, e-books, and language lessons. In short, it is a platform that earns money by showing ads and collecting donations. It doesn’t sell anything. This platform gathers educational material and shares valuable knowledge with everyone.

Productivity Boosters

Inadequate time management is the worst enemy of every student. Learners spend a lot of time watching TV shows, chatting with friends, watching video games, and surfing the Internet. If you want to boost your college score, check out the apps that block distractions and help to focus on studying.


It is a multi-platform application that helps to focus on work or studying only. You can launch this app on any of your devices, create a schedule, and start exploring. The app will block all the notification from social media, email services, web browsers, and video games. As a result, it will boost your productivity.

Also, you can start a session on-the-fly when you need to do your homework fast. If you’re short in time and can’t pass an assignment on time, feel free to pay for college papers. Surf the Internet and check the best writing services. After this, find the top essay writing company and place an order.

Cold Turkey

This company offers three products that can help you to increase productivity. The first one, blocker, takes your computer hostage and halt all notification that may distract you. Moreover, it can block applications and cut access to the Internet. The second product, writer, turns your PC into a typing machine to focus on writing only. The third one, micromanager blocks everything, except the whitelisted apps on your computer.

Helpful Platforms

Every student needs help in studying. Scroll down below and find the best platforms that help learners to find questions on answers, resolve equations, and learn new skills online.

Wolfram Alpha

This tool is indispensable for students who need to do complicated calculations. This app provides incredible tools for resolving complicated tasks in the blink of an eye. It covers different fields of study like math, science, society, and every life. Moreover, it not just brings a solution. This platform educates by showing a step-by-step process on how to reach a solution.


It is a unique and multipurpose platform for students. It implies a lot of educational materials and useful tools for college students. There is a search bar that allows finding an answer to any question in a few seconds. You can explore resolved issues from other students or get a textbook. Moreover, there is a tool that allows students to study by using flashcards. You can create your flashcards with ease. The in-built math solver will help you to resolve any calculus or linear algebra problem lightning quick.

Additionally, there is a comprehensive tool that can check a paper on plagiarism and grammar mistakes. If you want professional writers to improve your college paper, use the SpeedyPaper platform. It is a leading-edge essay writing website that delivers top-notch assignments. If you know nothing about this service, feel free to examine the SpeedyPaper review.

Every Student Should Know This

Most colleges don’t teach financial literacy, which is crucial in the modern world. Learn how to manage your budget and spend your money. Also, don’t be sad if you feel that you don’t like a chosen major. Change it after the first year and study what you enjoy the most. It is the key to success in the future.

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