Understand The Significance Of Dispatching Software In Improving Customer Satisfaction

You are running a logistics business that is massive and demanding. The customers are not aware of your difficulties; their only concern is their satisfaction. Your only goal is their satisfaction.

You need to be efficient, constructive, profiting, fast, and reliable in addition to regularly address customer concerns, provide assistance, keep an eye on the fleet, monitor the fleet’s condition, track the cargo and be on time every time!

The real world is unforgiving. Still, none of these is going to throw you off your sanity. But all of these challenges and expectations can be addressed with the help of technology. Thanks to dispatching software!

What Is A Dispatching Software?

A dispatching software (also known as ‘dispatch software’ or ‘dispatch tracking software’) is the entire realm of digital solutions that help you monitor your assets while en route and cater to the needs of the customers, the company as well as the drivers efficiently and effortlessly.
A dispatch software empowers you to automate numerous processes that would instead require a relatively tremendous human workforce, thus increasing scope for human error. Lack of automation further decreases the quantifiability of the process efficiency.

What Constitutes A Good Dispatch Software?

Some features that you would generally find in a good dispatching software are:

1. Real-time Visibility

A good dispatch tracking software can provide accurate real-time visibility of your shipment. This will let you track route progress accurately and even manage routes for the vehicles in your fleet. This real-time fleet tracking is achieved with the help of GPS fleet tracking.

2. Insights on Delays

By providing valuable insights on delays using intuitive analytics and infographics, the dispatch tracking software can help you optimize your routes and route planning. This is an iterative method that is only bound to improve the results as time passes.

3. Accurate ETA

By factoring weather conditions, missed or skipped stops, traffic, and more, the dispatch tracking software provides accurate up to the minute ETAs to the drivers, managers, and customers to boost operational efficiency, enhance the driver experience and exceed customer expectations.

4. Safety and Security

Improving safety and security is an all-time endeavor. In the words of Michael Leathers, “The Samsara solution is so great for us it’s not only improving our operating efficiency and saving us money but also deeply engaging our employees in improving safety.”

Furthermore, Samsara’s asset tracking solutions help users instantly locate remote assets, detect and recover stolen equipment, and increase utilization and billing revenue, thereby improving the security of the assets.

How Does Dispatch Tracking Benefit the Customers?

According to a 2016 study by Small Business Trends, 82% of customers in the United States of America apparently stopped doing business with a company due to poor customer experience. The same study also showed that a 2 % increase in customer retention can lower costs by 10%. These numbers reinforce the importance of customer retention, which often results in customer satisfaction.

The benefits that a dispatch tracking software offers to its customers directly translates into greater customer satisfaction. Some of the benefits are:

1. Build Confidence

A dispatch tracking software helps the customers feel confident about their shipment’s arrival. This discourages unnecessary doubts and worries for the customers by providing updates and insights.

2. Mobility

The portable and mobile nature of a dispatch software makes it easily accessible to all customers of the company. They can view updates remotely while drivers or managers update about their shipment with few taps on the screen. Mobility also enables faster, error-free, and effective communication.

3. Ease of Use

With intuitive user interface (UI) and immersive user experience (UX), customers will likely not feel tiresome during their usage of the software.

The customers can also easily communicate with the service provider if they happen to have any concerns.

4. Access to Time-Sensitive Information

With features such as real-time tracking and live sharing, customers and always remain worry-free about their precious cargo. Up to the minute ETAs, live GPS tracking, and more work seamlessly so that the customers are always informed about the whereabouts of their shipment. All of this significantly reduces customer calls, thus boosting productivity.

5. Push Notifications

Fleet managers can quickly notify the customers about any important message by easily pushing the notification to their registered device. This eliminates phone calls and saves time.

6. Quick and Hassle-free Reporting

Customers can view detailed reports of their shipment on their device. They can also raise issues or report their concerns any time without any hassle with just a few taps on their devices.

7. Quick Response

The real-time status of drivers and shipment can facilitate the undertaking of quick responses during the occurrence of any unexpected events.

There is always room for errors, but with a dispatch trucking software, it is greatly diminished.

Why Samsara?

Samsara’s award-winning cloud-based dispatch tracking software is an incredible choice for your fleet and is part of the company’s complete platform for fleet safety, efficiency, and compliance.

Samsara’s dispatch tracking software is, of course, compliant with ELD and FMCSA regulations.

What is Included in Samsara’s Dispatch Tracking Software?

  1. Live GPS tracking.
  2. Analyze onboard vehicle data for fleet maintenance.
  3. Real-time visibility and trailer tracking.
  4. Insightful data and analytics for route optimization.
  5. Seamless two-way communication to keep tabs on route progress.
  6. Dashboard cameras with embedded AI to prevent accidents before they take place.
  7. Integration across a diverse platform.


A dispatch tracking software brings immense relief to the fleet manages and eases a large part of the managerial process through automation and embedded AI.

Dispatch tracking software and its features like advanced error-free analytics, quicker and effective circulation of information, flexibility, route planning, route optimization, live ETA, live tracking, safety, and security help to substantially improve customer satisfaction and retain the customers to maximize revenue generation for mutual growth.

Without a good and reliable dispatch software, the world of trucking and logistics would certainly not be as good as it is today. That in no way means that there aren’t going to be many more improvements; after all, the quest for perfection never stops.

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