5 Best Guitar Brands: Top Acoustic & Electric Guitar Brands

Best Guitar Brands

he Best Guitar Brands are preferred by all guitarists for a good number of reasons. These companies have worked hard for years to build their reputation by manufacturing high-quality instruments for us.

You must have heard about some of these brands, whether you’re a guitarist or not. Some less famous or new brands also managed to make their place in the list because they didn’t compromise with the quality and have made some of the most amazing instruments in the past.

The list will help you choose both acoustic and electric guitars from some of the best guitar brands manufacturers available in the market.

1. Gibson

Don’t get confused with Givson, both are different brands. Gibson is one of the best guitar brands and is making guitars since 1935. J-35 was its very first model which became quite popular among musicians. J-35 was in production until 1942, which then got replaced by a newer model, J-45.

Gibson Acoustic Guitar Prices starts from the US $3000 on Amazon.com. Gibson guitars come only with 6 string and there is no other choice for it.

Strings are of good quality and produce melodious sound when tuned correctly. The quality of the wood is also reasonable as per price. You’ll get multiple design options to choose from while buying Gibson guitars.

2. Yamaha

Yamaha is famous for their Automobile products. But this Japanese company is into every field, from musical instruments to electronic products. They’re also making large equipment for factories and products for other sports (cricket, golf etc.)

In musical instruments, Yamaha makes a little bit of everything, from mouth organs and bass guitars to electric guitars and band instruments. Their acoustic guitars are excellent, and there are options available for all level of experience.

Beginners and Intermediate players can find some very good guitars in Yamaha lineup.

Yamaha guitar price starts from the US $150 on Amazon. Yamaha also manufactures guitars with many attractive designs and graphics printed over it, which makes it one of the best guitar brands.

3. Fender

Fender electric guitars are quite well known in the music industry. Along with guitars, fender also makes amplifiers and Bluetooth speakers. They are mainly known for their electric guitar and amplifiers.

Unlike other top guitar brands, there is not much choice in design in Fender’s list but you’ll be impressed by their build quality.

Everyone likes them because of the mystique of the players that played them over the last decades. Models like Telecaster and Stratocaster are known to be some of the best guitars ever made in the history.

Fender can be said as one of the best guitar brands of the industry. For players on a budget, Fender brings us some affordable standard Stratocaster.

Fender guitar price starts from the US $200 on Amazon.

4. Ibanez

The Japanese company Ibanez started as making quality copies of top American guitars, but later it settled with its own brand name. Today, it is mainly known for heavy and metal music and is considered best guitar brands.

Ibanez acoustic & electric guitar comes for every style and genre. Ibanez price starts from the US $150 on Amazon. Wood and string quality is good in that price range. There are not many designs available to choose from.

5. Epiphone

Epiphone is now owned by Gibson, but there was a time when Epiphone was one of the biggest rivals of Gibson. Nowadays, Gibson is using them as their budget guitar manufacturing brands.

Being a child company of Gibson, Epiphone can not be denied as the best guitar brands of the industry. Even so, Epiphone is one of the best electric guitar brands, known for producing quality instruments in the Gibson mold.

Epiphone makes both acoustic and electric guitars, and many of their models are inspired by the top Gibson’s guitars. Epiphone is the best choice when you are on the budget.

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