5 Tips for using Instagram hashtag for business

Marketing a business in the 21st century I a challenging task. The internet is a vast and wonderful place and social media allows for quick, easy and effective marketing. Instagram is a popular, fast-growing and powerful way to market.

The only problem is that in order to stand out in the endless sea of business doing the exact same thing as you, you need to keep a few things in mind. A hashtag is a powerful tool.

Here are 5 tips to help you:

Tip 1: Tailoring your hashtags

To your business

Your business should be well defined at this point. You are well aware of who your audience is and what to post to engage with them. You’ve found your voice. Now find some hashtags that apply to that voice to your company. For example, you make wine, so #wine #winemaker #vino are some hashtags you can include in your posts regardless of what they’re about because it’s your business defined by hashtags.

To the post

Every post you make may have a different objective behind it; showcasing a new product, showing off a special, sharing with your followers some news or update about the company itself.  How to express these things is by tailoring the hashtags to the actual post.

You just moved into a new office and you post a picture of it; #newoffice #new #office. That breaking down of the hashtag #newoffice means you’ll reach more people because remember these three hashtags are different and have different followers.

Tip 2: Tracking Hashtag performance and using insights

Insights is a great tool to understand each and every post and how they perform with your audience and with visitors. You can understand how effective the hashtags were and how they assisted or didn’t assist in getting impressions on the post and furthermore the page.

Make sure you’re using hashtags that have a following or that are frequently used to boost performance. Respond to the ones that don’t work by not using them and refining your hashtags to use.  

Tip 3: Knowing and applying the different types of hashtags

Community Hashtag

Community hashtags are the ones you use for whatever reason you use them, for the post itself and the business overall. They enhance your reach and chances of exposure to new and potential followers. Ensure that these hashtags adhere to your target market to ensure you’re reaching the right people.

Branded Hashtags

Branded hashtags are ones unique to your company. Your company name, tagline, slogan, product name, service name etc. These are things that apply to your brand and your brands’ identity.

Campaign Hashtags

These are short-term hashtags meant for a certain product, movement, sale etc that does have an expiry date. These are perfect for stories and Instagram lives as that content doesn’t last forever. However, you can use them in general too.

Tip 4: Amount of hashtags

You know that saying ‘less is more’ it could never be truer than in this case. Hashtags are like a tower of champagne glasses, delicate and one too many or one wrong move and they all come crashing down.

An excessive amount of hashtags can look spammy to some people so aim to have a minimum of ten and then use your discretion in terms of how many you use after that. Try to avoid using the full thirty and instead focus on making the other hashtags you use more refined to have them land better.

It does not really matter much what you do with your hashtags if you only have a handful of followers. Reliable Instagram services by SocialGrand.com will give you more momentum in your Instagram marketing.

Tip 5: Trending hashtags and audience

Sometimes jumping on board of trending hashtags can really boost your reach. Every now and then certain hashtags become very popular for whatever reason and you need to stay on top of which ones are popular and how you can use them for your own personal gain.

Instagram is an everchanging social media platform that can be utilized to benefit you at little to no cost. However, it is everchanging and tomorrow these tips might no longer work depending on what changes are made. It is vital to grow with the platform and to work with it and not against it. Know your audience, target your material to them and craft the hashtags around all these factors. You need to keep up to date with changes on the platform at all times.

Good luck, now go out there and make an impression.

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