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Technology made essay writing services, also referred to as “essay mills” or “essay banks” a
whole new emerging market for professional essay writing.

Modern Way to Make Studying Much Easier

Have you ever wondered how modern technology affects your everyday life? If about 30
years ago someone told you that someday you would learn the news on economics or politics
not from TV or newspapers, but with your smartphone, you would probably have doubts on
that person’s mental health. Likewise, you would probably consider very unlikely the
possibility that such thing as essay writing, so common in any studying process, would not
require long hours of hard working at a typewriter.

How Does It Work?

An easy tool made available for you by the power of the Internet, essay writing services is a
fast-growing market for those who need to impress professors and fellow students with
essays of quality and style. It is also a great job opportunity for you if you feel writing skills
as one of your talents.
A wide variety of authors from all around the world, each specializing in one or several key
subjects, and they are ready to do that job for you – just send them the questions they need to
write on and give some instructions. You’ll have an essay of your dream in no time!

Brief History

Wikipedia refers to so-called “essay mills” by which it means companies providing essays in exchange for money. A similar notion of “essay banks” stands for companies where pre-written essays on particular subjects may be purchased, but at a lower price (and obviously, not so tailored to your needs).

It would be a mistake to think that selling written essays for money came with the Internet and was an invention of the 90-es: of course, such services were traded long before, but on a much smaller scale. But today’s overwhelming spread commenced with switching from “mailbox” delivery to modern electronic commerce. Another great example of how technology made our lives a bit easier.

Key Advantages of Professional Writing Services

Like in any growing market, there is tough competition here as well. Top Writers Review offers very informative rankings of essay writing services which may be found today, allowing easy choice based on such criteria as pricing, quality, or delivery – currently, about 130 options to choose from, all regularly updated and reviewed.

Obviously, each of them does its best to catch your attention. Here are some key policies used to differentiate their services from their competitors’ which may also be seen as key advantages of entrusting your academic writing to true professionals:

  • Qualified writers who know your subject (possibly even better than you!)
  • Tailored approach – you give instructions, and they are followed (after all, you are the customer here and should know what you are paying for)
  • No plagiarism – obviously, no company with a strong reputation would ever tolerate cheating among its staff writers (so you may be 100% sure professors at your university have never heard or read before anything you submit to them for checking)
  • Long history – an additional proof of trustworthiness (some firms even indicate on their websites something like “Trusted by students since…”, then goes the year they came to this business)

 Making It Work

So what do you think about that? Feel yourself tongue-tied but still need to have your education completed? The era of e-commerce provided you a great opportunity to solve at least some of the problems with your studying for a certain fee in exchange. Or maybe the opposite is true, and writing is one of your virtues? Then there is a different opportunity for you to sell your skills on this emerging market and earn good money!


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