5 Fact About US School System You Might Don’t Know

The USA is a world leader on many fronts. This leadership is anchored in its education system. While the world consumes goods and services from the US, it is surprising to see the system behind their production. The US allows you to use do my homework assistants to complete your assignments so that you can focus more on innovation and creativity.


The US system of education is unique because of its innovative nature. However, it also borrows several aspects from other jurisdictions around the world. It is interesting to learn some amazing facts about this leading system of education in the world. Here are some of these facts.

The USA Is The Largest Spender On Education

Expenditure on education helps to improve processes, provide infrastructure, and improve the learning environment. The USA remains the largest spender on education, beating all other nations around the world for several years in a row. It explains why the schools have some of the best infrastructures a student or teacher would desire.

Beyond spending on infrastructure, the USA has put in a lot of money on research. It is the reason behind dominance in innovation. Students and faculty have the resources needed to grow ideas into profitable businesses.

Americans are also spending a lot on education for personal advancement. The other people close to Americans are South Koreans. The people advancing their skills are between the ages of 24-35 years. The expenditure is helping them to remain competitive in the job market.

The USA Is 5th In Terms Of Degree Holders

The statistics are based on population and the number of people who have pursued education up to college degree level. When you compare the population between 24 and 65 years, the USA ranks 5th around the world. If you are comparing the age between 24 years and 35 years, the USA remains behind. Only 43% of Americans in this group have a college degree.

4.3 Million Americans Are Studying Abroad

The American system of education allows students to study abroad and still be accredited to work in the country. It is one of the amazing facts about the American education system because it shows the openness with which the system treats other countries. American graduates are also recognized in other countries around the world.

American Education Is Privately Funded

While the government spends a lot on education, school fees remain the responsibility of each student. It is said that 13% of students from poor backgrounds do not graduate on time because they lack fees. Most of these students thrive on scholarships.

The USA Has One Of The Highest Turnover Rates For Teachers

The quality of a teacher is given a lot of significance. Teachers are, therefore, under a lot of pressure. 14% of teachers will resign by the first year, 33% will leave by the third year while 50% will leave by the 5th year. This is caused by pressure to perform. It also explains the high quality of students graduating from American schools.

American leads the world on many fronts but can also learn from other nations. It is interesting to see the unique elements of the American education system. When compared to other nations, it performs better.

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