Top 7 reasons that you do not want an anonymous blog

Writing anonymous blog posts can be one of the easiest things to do as it gives you complete freedom of expression and the liberty to write about anything that you want to without any restrictions.

There are a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to writing anonymous blogs as well. Some of the bloggers do not want to get into such complications because the rules that are defined for writing anonymous blogs are completely different from the rules that are applicable to the other kinds of content that can be published on the internet.

In case of any deviation, the blogger can be issued with legal notices, and tackling the legal issues can become a tremendous problem. Hence, are a few bloggers choose not to write under the tag of anonymous identity.
In this article, we are focusing on the major seven reasons as to why a few bloggers find it complicated to write with the anonymous identity.

They are confident to handle any sort of situation.

Every blog that gets published is going to attract a certain number of readers, and this is dependent on the kind of topic, the content, and the images that go into the post. Some of the bloggers a very brave and courageous and come up with the topics that are controversial in nature without hiding their identity.

These bloggers are certainly going to attract attention from haters and people who are against the topic that has been written. These bloggers would show their valor and stand for themselves and try to prove their points with the data that is required to make sure that they are confident about the article or the post that they have published.

Public attention is important.

If you are aiming to become a popular blogger, it is important to reveal your identity to the public. The information that you write on your blog and some famous blog like HuffPost is only going to be considered by the readers as credible when you reveal your identity and show your true self to them.

Even though the blog post published by an anonymous blogger has a good amount of information, it would always lose readership because of the anonymous tag. A blogger who is courageous enough to reveal their identities are likely to attract a larger audience than an anonymous blog writer. Promoting blogs also become easier for the former kinds of bloggers.

Not scared of criticism

Most of the bloggers hide under the mask of anonymity because of the fear of criticism and judgment being passed against them and the topic that they have chosen to write. As a writer, it becomes your ethics to follow certain rules and regulations and stick to them consistently.

You must also be prepared with the fact that every writer is going to attract criticism in one or the other way. Getting scared of everything would restrict you to come up with a strong topic. Though you are trying hard to achieve your goals of becoming a blogger, with the anonymous identity, you are not going to do any justice to the piece of write-up.

Hence, a lot of bloggers these days choose to reveal their self-identity because they would love to face that criticism and handle everyday challenges in the form of readers and the comments that get posted.

The topic is not controversial.

Some of the bloggers are not scared of revealing their identity because the topic they choose to write is extremely safe, and they do not attract any sort of negative criticism on their blog post by the readers.

They make sure to produce the supporting evidence and data facts completely along with the source details and credentials appropriately, even if they come up with a controversial topic.

Doing such things is only going to increase their popularity as a blogger, and it also makes them one of the best bloggers.

Love to interact with the readers

Some of the bloggers are quite open-minded, and they would love to interact with the readers and take their suggestions to improve the blogs. Such people would always try to come out of the anonymity tag and reveal their identity and produce genuine content on their blog posts for their readers.

By indulging in activities like these, it becomes easy for them to attract a large group of audience and also start monetizing through their blogs without any effort.

Blogging anonymously has a lot of benefits, undoubtedly. On the contrary, revealing the identities and writing for the public is also going to create an equal impact on society.

No matter whatever is the style of writing that you follow, but ultimately, it is about producing quality content that can create some impact and help everyone with useful information?

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