Guide: How to Write Amazing Hooks for Your Essays

The first impression always matters. To attract more readers, you have to engage them from the very beginning. Read the post and discover how to write a hook for an essay as professional authors do.

What is an Essay Hook?

Mainly, an essay hook is an instrument that delivers engaging information and attracts readers. Usually, it is one or two sentences. The primary purpose of a hook is to catch a reader’s attention and make him or her interested in further reading.

How to Write Amazing Hooks

Do you want to discover how to write a good hook? Here are some great tips that will help you to write a hook that attracts 99% of readers.

Think about the Main Topic

An essay hook should correspond to the main topic. Writing a hook, you have to think about a message for readers. It has to motivate them to enclose a problem in more detail.

Chose It at the End

Write the first sentence last. It sounds weird, but when your paper is ready, you can analyze it and create a hook that corresponds to your essay. Therefore, don’t start writing an essay from creating a hook. Leave it for the end.

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Make It Short

Since the purpose of a hook is to engage readers, it should be as short as possible. Use short sentences and make sure that anyone can read it in less than two seconds.

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Understand the Audience

To write an excellent hook, you have to know who you’re writing for. You have to determine the target audience and create a hook that will 100% attract a particular group of people.

Ways to Engage Readers

There are a lot of different types of essay hooks. Explore the best ways to attract reads and choose a one that will engage your target audience.

Ask a Question

People are curious and always want to discover new things. Engage readers from the first sentence by asking a question that corresponds to an essay’s topic. As a result, a reader will need to explore a paper looking for an answer.

Use Statistics

“Roughly 15% of students use a college homework helper website to order essays online.” – it is an example of how statistics can engage readers. Do not hesitate to use impressive statistics as an essay hook.

Write a Strong Statement

A short and exciting fact is one of the best ways to attract attention. Excite a reader with a jaw-dropping statement that will motivate to learn more about it.

Add Quotation

You can quote anyone who said something interesting that corresponds to your topic. However, the famous name will enlarge the credibility of a saying and engage more readers. Always quote a person directly and don’t update a saying.

Tell a Joke

An essay shouldn’t be boring. Feel free to grab readers’ attention by writing a humorous opening. It has to be short and straightforward. Also, it should match your topic.

Final Words

Using hooks in writing is very widespread. When a writer makes readers excited from the first sentence, the chance that they will continue to read a paper increases significantly. Therefore, always try to supplement your essay with engaging hooks to improve the overall quality of your assignment.

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