Benefits of Homeschooling: How It Could Make Kids Smarter

They Are Safer

There are two reasons why they are safer. Firstly it is because with you they learn how to be streetwise when being about in the city or other places. You can teach them all the things needed so that when they go out with friends when they are older you know, they can handle themselves.

Secondly, school is becoming a dangerous place. State schools in the US and UK are already sick, and places like Australia are following closely. When I was at school, there was nothing but the school buildings and teachers. Today due to many incidents in schools there are (depending on which country you are in), fences, security cameras, security guards, metal detectors and bag searches. Not only does this present a big way in which the schools are heading, are your children going to school or prison? I certainly wouldn’t like being in a classroom looking out the window and seeing huge fences surrounding me, knowing I can’t leave and must just sit down and do as I am told.

They Are Smarter

I am not saying the children are smart, but they receive a better education.  Research children homeschooled will always outperform public or private schooled children. And to this date am yet to find research to the contrary. Children that were homeschooled coming into adulthood also show better social interaction and adaptation into the “real world.”

More Up To Date Material

For most public or private schools, for reference material to be available to students it first must be found by staff or directors of the school, then passed for review by a board, then when funds become available they are purchased for distribution in the classroom. It is not uncommon that in high school it may take up to 10 years for the latest scientific research to reach the books in front of the students.

So students are ten years behind when they leave school, and I know this first hand when entering the workforce how quickly you have to get your learning up to date.

One on One Attention

I think we can all agree that when a child receives one-on-one attention, they will receive a better education. You can find out the learning styles, interests and difficulties your child is having. You know exactly where they are up to and how well they are doing.

Subject Expertise

Many parents may not have required knowledge in English, physics or maths. Some may lack experience in English reading or writing techniques. So in this case, parents may avail English tutor services from any reputed tuition agency and help out their kids with necessary teachings from experts.

Eradicates Boredom

Since homeschooling is all about one on one learning and tailored to individuals, it will make them into consistent learning. It ensures effective learning without wasting much time and eradicates boredom. Thus making children highly motivated to learn and develop love towards education.

More Family Time

There will be a closer bond in the family, and you will know much more about your child than if they went to school. This relationship will help create many positive aspects such as knowing when your child needs help or knowing that your child can come to you to discuss anything.

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