10 GREAT YouTube Video Ideas Which Will Boost Your Channel.

Viral video is the most demanded product. As a rule, such videos usually carry a general educational function. Viral commercials are often created by marketers, in order to promote their products. Such video production for many people has become an additional income. Few will remain indifferent, for example, when you see the footage in which celebrities in a joke form advertise the assortment of some product. In the information sphere, “viruses” became the engine of trade.

A variety of propaganda on the Internet can attract customers with different interests and hobbies. The algorithm of the work of professional virus videos is practically unknown to anyone. Viruses are created on a different topic, it can be the political or social life of people. On each topic, the viral video meets certain requirements. The only question on which, one way or another, the answer was not found – how to come up with a viral video.

Perhaps this is a question from the field “how to come up with a brilliant idea,” and there is no answer to it. For you, we found several important moments in the creation of viral videos, which, one way or another, can bring you closer to the cherished ideal. We have also created a kind of “recipe book” for you, which can help you come up with something if nothing original comes to mind, and deadline tomorrow.

Therefore, in the first part we will tell you the main ideas, and in the second part, we will demonstrate ready-made ideas on concrete examples. So, let’s go.

The Main Points When Creating Virus Clips.

First off, Viral video to order is a kind of engine in the advertising world. To increase attendance and sales, most often use viral marketing. In the first days of its existence, the video should inspire viewers to its further spread. The viral video becomes when a large audience begins to share with each other viewed information.

The video should interest the visitor with its quality and performance, and for this, in addition to shooting on a good youtube camera, it must carry in itself exhaustive, and most importantly believable data about the brand. Therefore, the video must be provided with piquancy, a little secret, in order to attract attention. In fact … Most often, marketers rely on the fact that the video should not exceed more than one minute in time. But, as a rule, experience shows that a video with a duration of 2 – 3 minutes is perceived by the viewer better.

Watching the video up to five minutes will be perceived as a kind of short film, in which there are both characters in the film and there is a completely revealed plot. This will prompt the viewer to spread the virus further through a large audience. In this case, the video will go into the status of the claimed one. Also, Each video should have its own idea.

At the initial stage of creating a viral video, you need to think through several options to achieve the desired result. Think about what tools you will use to make the idea implemented. It is necessary to make an outline of the plot, aimed at those “gadgets” that will undoubtedly draw the attention of viewers to the video. In the end, When you come up with the plot of your video, first of all, you need to ask yourself: “Will the audience watch this? “,” Will this video inspires people’s so that they will want to share information with other viewers? “.

The beginning of the video responds to the first part of the question and the end to the second part. It does not matter whether a person watches a video or he reads an exciting book, he always remembers only the beginning and end of the narrative. Therefore, in order for your video to be sent after viewing to a friend or someone else, a message to action should be placed at the end of the video.

Ideas For Creating Viral Videos

Scenes with animals.

Everyone who watches hundreds of videos on the Internet, at least once in your life, probably watched YouTube videos with the participation of furry animals, be they cats or others. Such videos do not contain advertising subtext but cause the audience so strong emotions that the author can only think of how to organically tie the name of the company (brand) to the plot.

Unique achievements of people.

As in the case of animals, this principle is so simple that it is applied to any source product. In such videos, a person’s fantasy is limitless. Here people, jumping from all sorts of objects, try to get into pants, someone from a long distance puts on glasses, and someone swallows a bottle after a drink. The most important thing is when you shoot such a video, do not forget what it’s for, and put emphasis on the product that you are advertising. With such an extraordinary clip, success will be assured.

The popular person.

The scheme itself is simple and effective. You invite a public person and ask him to do some absurdity, a prank with the brand that you are promoting. A set of several components – a certain mixture, is very popular in the YouTube.

The chain

Such viral videos quickly gain their audience. Since the time, probably, the first commercial video in this genre from Honda, nothing was done better and more expensive (his shooting cost 6 million USD), but every new video confidently continues to gain views. However, I do not recommend you use this technique.


Often in advertising, children are a kind of “tool” in promoting the advertised brand. There is nothing easier than to inscribe the child’s action in the scenario. With tenderness, one can observe how this kid drinks cocoa or performs an action that only an adult can do. As in ordinary advertising, children work here and almost flawlessly. If the “seals” do not fit your brand in any way, then boldly exploit the children. If nothing comes to the head that they should do in the video, then it’s enough if they just do any “adult” action.

Memes on the Internet.

Spontaneous dissemination of information on the Internet, phrases, most often sarcastic, witty in the media began to be called a term such as a meme. The purpose of creation is entertainment. But along with this, this creation can carry a provocative character, even a deliberate, premeditated intention. The disadvantages of this method are transience, Internet memes are very quickly forgotten and are not easily recognized by viewers of video clips. Memes are rarely used in promotion, any brand, as they carry a derisive nature. The scheme of their use does not require special efforts in placing the company’s brand. The logo, getting mass recognition, will definitely become viral.

Extreme tricks.

To create a viral video using extreme tricks, it is beneficial to companies of sports brands, goods. At the time of filming, the brand takes a direct part in the video, thereby creating an advertisement.


This method of influence on the public, of course, takes place. The bottom line is that the video is shot in two variations. One option contains the nonnormative vocabulary of the protagonist, such a product quickly spreads on the Internet and reaches a peak of its popularity. But this method often does not benefit the corporate logo, but rather destroys the reputation of the company. Although some firms successfully use it.

Unusual opportunities for people.

Also, an excellent and simple option, working with any product. It’s quite easy to invent it: a man jumps into jeans, catches glasses, runs on water, swallows a bottle of Coca-Cola, ducks his head in the toilet, etc. Since the center is always a product, again, there should not be any problems with it


The blender maker shared videos that showed how to grind any objects in the blenders. The largest number of views (more than 10 million) was typed in a video, in which the blender turns iPhone in a dust.


How to create a successful viral movie? Unfortunately, there is no unambiguous answer to this question. The fact is that despite a bunch of successful cases, the only true scheme still does not exist. Exactly as working templates and clear algorithms. And this is not surprising – the specificity is appropriate. Very often shoots outright nonsense, but really high-quality videos remain in the shadow of a couple thousand views on YouTube. Make the idea the epicenter of the whole process! And then do not let her die at the production stage – realize her as qualitatively as possible.

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