5 SEO tips to promote your business online

Launching a business online can be cumbersome, and a little more intimidating especially for the competition that is currently on the internet. Among the major functions of a business is the marketing function, one which is focused on increasing the visibility of products and services, but largely, the brand.

The use of Serpbook has increased the chances for website owners to follow up on their SEO efforts. Even with such amazing tools at your disposal, there is still a lot you can do to promote your business on the internet, and here are a couple of tips to get you started:

Use target keywords

Keywords are important for targeting your ideal audience by providing a solution to their searches. In an ideal world, it would be enough to have great content for people to consume, but in the world of SEO, targeting your keywords is essential for promoting your business online.

While at it, focus on long-tail keywords that are specific to the intent of the users, so that they are fast to click on your website, boosting your visibility among other users and n search engines.

With so many keyword research tools online, it is much easier to channel your ideas and clearly explain your brand through the common keywords that users are using. Use the keywords you determine fit for your course on the different pages of your site, so that, with every promotional message you share, every person that makes it to your website can still get the main idea of your business through your keywords.

Tip: be careful not to overpopulate your site with keywords, which will not only be spam but also devalues your business as though you are trying too hard to fit into the industry you are operating in.

Publish great content

What most business owners don’t know is that great content is tasteful to people as well as search engines. It is the kind of content you create that determines how much time your audience will spend on your site, and whether or not they would be interested to visit your site another time.

Usually, your content should be relevant to your brand, and clearly explain the products or services you are promoting. Allow your audience to easily find information about your business on your sites by creating a richly detailed profile in the ‘about us’ section.

High-quality content also positions you as a business owner with an excellent understanding of his/her business as well as the industry of operation, which credits your business with a strong positive reputation. Create great content, but also, make sure that there is a lot of content for people to consume and your site will be highly visible to people and search engines.

Share your content

Great content means nothing if no one can see it. After creating intriguing content with catchy headings, it is about time you started sharing your content. Do not hold yourself back from sharing content more than once on your site and different platforms, but ensure you keep an appropriate keyword density so that you do not flood people’s timeline with duplicate content.

Ensure your content is very relevant and highly shareable by picking formats that are versatile and interesting to users.

More importantly, get your audience to share your content among their circles, which really demands that your content is of good quality, as only good content attracts this kind of reward form users.

Hold competitions

A great way to draw attention to your business is to openly accept and invite competition, which not only builds trust in your brand but more so, is a great source of backlinks. Otherwise put, holding competition is all about engaging your audience. A highly involved audience means a highly successful marketing plan.

Other than giveaways, competitions are a great way to even get your competitors concerned about your online activities. It is a great way to get your audience interested in your business and inquiring about your products and services, more so, provoking different emotions about your brand, which is what you should be aiming for.

The reactions you gather from audiences is what you should capitalize on to make your products and services better, but also to attract you more traffic since people are usually interested in that which is either controversial or has gathered a significant amount of attention.

As a bonus, consider this a great opportunity to gather contacts and email addresses from prospect customers.

Use social media

Social media means more to people now than ever before, with statistics showing that most people spend more than 5 hours on social media each day, so, before going further, if your business is not already on social media, join in now.

The group of people you are seeking to reach with your product and service are probably all on social media, especially in the way technology has highly advanced to accommodate different age groups of users.
Social media is so powerful in business promotion so that it is highly sort-after for digital marketing, with a variety of channels to choose from unique to your type of business and overall goal.

For promotional purposes, be sure to create catchy content that will attract likes, shares, and comments on social media, and because this is a relational platform, ensure your main objective is to build relationships as you promote your business.

From a broader perspective, your business still stands a great chance to make it online, and with these 5 tweaks, you should get there much quicker.

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