Telepresence Robots in Action: Applications of Telepresence Robots in Everyday Lifestyle

Telepresence robots have become famous as well as popular. This happens as developers create more of the robots. Again, as telepresence robots are explored and utilized, institutions continue to realize how significant these machines are.

It is on the above basis that we came up with this article to let aware of fields you can use a telepresence robot and why. And everything in between. These institutions are schools, hospitals, corporate offices, and business meetings.

First, what is a telepresence robot? A telepresence robot is a business or healthcare software/device that is remotely used to videoconference functions. The unexpected setbacks that may lead to the use of a telepresence robot are:

  • In case of illnesses of manager or key personnel
  • During emergencies
  • When unable to locomote with ease

To use a telepresence robot, you need a robotic neck (a kubi) to hold a tablet. This setup helps to project activities in the room of videoconference. This setup is linked to your device (from where you intend to participate in the remote activities).

Such a device may be your laptop, mobile phone or desktop. Then, you can see, hear as well as speak with your staff and peers. The communication is via the camera of the tablet and the microphone.

Let’s see how to apply a telepresence robot in everyday activities.

Application of a Telepresence Robot in Learning Institutions

Students do not have to be stressed about catching up with fellows whenever they are unable to physically attend lectures. With the help of telepresence robots, they are in a position to actively participate in the lessons in the comfort of their homes.
For instance, as most schools strive to promote remote learning in the wake of COVID-19, telepresence robots have gained famed. The students can remotely ask as well as answer questions. They are in a position to participate in discussions even as they handle other chores at home.

Application of Telepresence Robots in Hospitals

Telepresence robots have replaced telemedicine. This is because telepresence robots are cheaper than former teleconferencing services. Besides, Kubis work automatically. That’s, there is no need to have personnel who keeps turning the camera to various directions in pursuit to have a better view.

Here, a surgeon can remotely participate in activities of the surgical room. He can see, advice and communicate with peers on various issues as though he or she were present in the surgical room. In the event of emergencies, the doctors can handle remote issues with improved ease.

This is because they do not have to travel long distances in the event of an emergency. Finally, doctors and nurses do not have to travel to be able to monitor the condition of their patients. From their offices or homes, they just link their devices to laptops in the site of the patients.

Application of Telepresence Robots in Corporate Offices and Business Environments

A telepresence robot, as well as a universal robot, has changed the operative activities of businesses. It has made remote management easier. From the comfort of your office or home, you can participate in every operation that happens in the business.

You are in a position to guide employees on business operative activities. Also, you can actively participate in business meetings. That’s you can actively participate by asking and answering questions, discussing solutions to corporate affairs and many more.

Additionally, you can remotely monitor how employees undertake their daily responsibilities in corporate offices. Another example is when you want to remotely interview a potential employee or join other managers recruiting personnel.

Final Thoughts

The telepresence robot has come with a lot of benefits. The learning institutions need it for remote learning. Also, the medical world can now upgrade its efficiency of operations. The surest way of increasing operational efficiency is by having businesses adopt this crucial technology.

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