The Secret to Health with Muay Thai Training and Fitness in Thailand

You cannot separate health from fitness. I know we all wish it would be possible to live healthy as we stay the whole day eating junk and watching TV but that is not anywhere near reality. The Hollywood stars you admire with “perfect” body shapes put in a lot of effort. It is an everyday affair. At first, it might seem like a long journey with no results but there are lots of benefits with a fit and healthy body.

I did not know where to start with body fitness. In fact, I thought it was only tales and unnecessary deprivation of the fun in life. I must say the journey was not easy, especially at the beginning, but it was worth it at the end. With commitment and little sacrifices it is easily achievable.

Regular exercise

Again, it is never easy at the beginning. Whether you schedule your exercise to be early in the morning or in the evening, it is moving out of your comfort zone. Even if you buy the exercise equipment and place it in your garage to avoid getting out of the house, you need to be committed. I know you are already thinking of running and sweating; if you can the better, but it doesn’t have to be that hard. You can start with jogging then increase the intensity gradually.

Make sure you are well hydrated on an event to avoid and eat a considerable amount of protein. We mistake proteins for fat; while it is also a fat, it helps to rebuild your muscles. The secret with exercise is consistency; you have to do it every day. The timing comes later; 10 to 15 minutes is good enough for a start. Just be consistent. Also, be prepared for muscle pain at least for the first week. The only way to get rid of the pain is continuing to exercise. Don’t stop or skip even a day.

Adequate sleep

Do not perceive sleep as a distractor; if you come home in the evening and feel too tired. It is okay to take a nap. Don’t deprive your body of sleep in the name of keeping schedule exercise. However, you should make sure you get up in time for the exercise, do not skip it. Adequate sleep is also about the number of hours you are in bed at night; with 8 hour of sleep, you can be sure your body will be active throughout the day. Also, avoid sleeping in, more than 8 hours is extreme. It will affect your day’s performance.

The brain controls all neurons hence body functions. If you don’t get enough rest at night, your brain will be inefficient. You will be unable to perform the normal functions during the day; you will not concentrate at work or in class. Also, exercise requires enough rest for the muscles and tissues to replenish. Set a specific time to go to bed and get up and stick to it. A 30-minute nap during the day is also important if you feel the need to and your schedule accommodates it.

Eat the right portions

Exercising will call for regular intake for food because you are utilizing energy. Most easily land into over-feeding after exercise, which defeats the whole purpose and agenda of body fitness. Proteins are important for maintaining muscle mass and flexibility but when taken in excess, they accumulate as fat hence a repetition of the process. Besides proportions, you should take the right type of foods. Most people don’t like the word diet, but it is only about balancing your food intake. Proteins, fats, fiber, carbohydrates, and vitamins should be in proper proportions. Additionally, you should take enough water to keep the body muscles flexible. Don’t target at keeping the stomach full, it is about the essential elements in the body.

The types of food determine your sustenance level. The reason you will find it hard to exercise continuously for 30 minute sis because of the food you have been taking; change your lifestyle and the perfect body shape will come automatically.

Keep track of your calories

If possible, engage an expert to establish your ideal weight. The weight will determine the number of calories your body needs in a day; this can be translated to number of calories on every meal. It is not as hard as it sounds, especially if you involve an expert. Of course, you will have to estimate the portions of food on your plate and the number of times you eat in a day. If you are committed to keeping fit, the calorie measurement and discipline on diet will be automatic. It will only be a struggle in the first two weeks or so, you will then be familiar with the process and make it part of your lifestyle. It is about the body accommodating.

If you are a regular traveler, Thailand is a great destination choice because of Muay Thai. You can always sign up at a camp for regular training that fits in your schedule. Both men and women have lots of benefits to benefits from this health program. Suwit Muay Thai Training Camp for beginner is a good choice for exercise and holiday. Many foreigner tourists in Thailand learn Muay Thai for good health.

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