How to buy scooter for toddlers? Toddler Scooter Buying Guide

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How to buy a scooter for toddlers?
Kid’s scooter is a great way to create an interest in your child to play outside the home, socializing and
getting exercise. They will be benefited in different ways using the best kid scooter. Besides, scooting
helps to develop many skills which impact their future life.

But, choosing a scooter for toddlers is more difficult than choosing for adults. You need to consider so many
things carefully before buying. For example, which one would be perfect for your baby, what type of
wheel you need to choose, two wheels or three? Large wheeled or small wheeled? And so many things.

5 things to look in the scooter for toddlers

1. Type of scooter

Type of scooter is an essential consideration because a safe and successful ride depends on the scooter
type. There are two type scooters available. One is two wheels and another is three wheels.

Two wheels scooter for kids:

2 Wheel Scooter for Kids

Two-wheeled scooter needs more balance than three wheels scooter. Also, requires a certain amount of
speed to maintain the balance that is just like the bicycle. Also, kids have to overcome two challenges to
learn and ride the scooter with two wheels.

  1. Need to maintain minimum speed: The kid should have the ability to push up the scooter to
    maintain upright balance. Also, need a certain minimum speed.
  2. Steering controlling: Children need to learn how to handle and control the steering.

However, two wheels scooter is good for those kids, who are:

  • Active physically.
  • Already able to ride three wheels scooter successfully.
  • If they know bicycle riding.

Three wheel Scooter for kids:

3 Wheel Scooter for KidsThis is the most recommended scooter type. Because this kind of scooter is very easy to ride with the kids from the early age. Toddlers don’t need to balance while riding, as that is the self-balanced scooter.

Three-wheeled scooter can be an excellent choice for children to start shooting. Pick this type scooter if your kid is similar with any of these conditions:-

  • The toddler is very young, like 2-5 years old.
  • If he is going to start scooting for the first time.
  • The child is not actives physically.
  • If the child is know how to ride a bicycle yet.

2. Weight and height

All kids are not the same weight. Also, some are over-weighted. Make sure that the scooter has the capacity to bear your kid’s weight. Choose the scooter that provides 20-20 lbs. Additional weight capacity for more safety.

3. Wheel size

Small wheeled kids scooters are lighter comparing with large wheel scooter. The wheels can be half of the weight or size of the scooter. That makes easy to handle, move, and ride the scooter to children. But, the negative side of the small wheeled scooter is riskier. Being lightweight it runs fast. Also, have hard break style with aggressive ride. These are dangerous for kids.

Large wheeled scooter requires more effort to handle, push, brake or steer. So, it is difficult to ride for little toddlers. But, this type of scooter is safe and stable. The scooter comes with long wheelbase which can perform well on the rough surface.

4. Scooter size

The size of scooter depends on kid’s ability. The handlebar should be below the neck of their neck. Because there is a high possibility to injure the kids during riding if the handlebar of the scooter is placed in front of the baby’s neck or face.

It will be better if you choose a scooter that offers handlebar with height adjustment feature so that you can customize the height and set the handlebar lower than toddler’s neck.

5. Brakes

The brake is the very important thing to handle the scooter. Push-down is the common type of brake. But, all scooters don’t offer brake. That’s why; you need to be more aware of choosing kid’s scooter. The scooter with brake is highly recommended because it ensures safety and prevents you kid from crushing.

Consider all these factors before choosing scooter for your kids. If you get a chance to take a test ride, notice carefully that which scooter they can handle confidently and successfully. Also, ask your kid which one they feel more comfortable to ride and it will better to pick that scooter for your toddler.

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