Performing The Magic of Early Morning Habits in Your Life

waking up early and not feeling tired.

I don’t know where do you live, what do you do, how old are you?

Anything about you except one.

That you are losing your time on this planet.

There are two ways it’s happening.

One way you have no control because it’s natural.

But the other one depends on your daily habits.

It’s true that your time is limited.

But you can maximize it with your determination, continuous efforts and hard work.

By improving your physical and mental health.

We all know what things we want in our lives.  Beautiful home, healthy kids and a job we enjoy and many others.  But what about the things you don’t want in your life?

Check this list if you find something worthy of your consideration:

● Health Challenges
● Lack of time to do the things you enjoy most.
● Failures in your attempts to make your life more successful.

Here is the proven way to escape these all things in your life and to lead a productive and happy life.
Plan your day or Lose your day
Do you know the secret of successful people?

It is to prioritize the important tasks and get them done as soon as possible.

So take a sheet of paper and start writing the urgent and important things of your day.

Place the toughest task at the top of your list.

Do not forget to add these points to your list:

● Contribution to the other’s happiness.
● Contribution to make others more courageous.
● Contribution to open their eyes so they can see the light of the hope.
● Inspiring your colleagues to perform relentlessly and create extraordinary results

Hit the Gym

You are right if you think it’s not going to be easy for you waking up early and not feeling tired.

But that’s the trick to survive in this world and to develop your highest potential.

So you have to get out there and take control of your health.

No more procrastination anymore.

You have only this moment to begin the transformation you seek for yourself.

You have the key. The door of your dream health is locked.

It will not open itself. You have to use the key everyday to unlock your physical potential.

So you can live more, love more and serve more.

That’s the dream. Right?

Then this is the time you put on your shoes and go for a small exercise.

Start small, no worries. Increase your stamina gradually but do it every single day from now.
Talk with the Sun
Question your existence and ask the Sun what is the purpose of its life.

As you evaluate the Sun you start realizing the fire burning inside you and you recognize the mission that is fighting with the darkness around you and serving the people with your light.

The more you spend time with it the more peace your heart finds.
Because the Sun shares the same battle you wake up to fight every day.


Let’s see how the movement of the Sun teaches us the path to live your day successfully:

● Wake up and remain beautiful, calm at your heart
● Then start your journey making one step one moment.
● Reach your full potential in the noon and the serve the world as much as you can.
● Now diminish you effect and slow yourself down so the world can use the given strength and utilize to fight with fears and grow limitlessly
● Again when returning your home leave all your anger, hate and other negative things and meet your family and dear ones with immense love.

Because when you wake up tomorrow you will have to rise again, fight your battles and have to do it every day of your life.
Let a book expand your limitations

If you want to improve your life you have to make better decisions.

But how will you actually do it?

How will you love the world around you if you don’t know how to love yourself?

How will you accept the world, your world if you do not accept yourself, my dear friend?

To make better decisions you need a resourceful insight which comes with awareness.

Then you will be able to make the fundamental decisions of your life and understand the nature around you.

My Gita written by Devdutt Pattanaik is an incredible book which helps you understand the importance of taking the inner journey with your outer journey.

Take any book you like to read in the morning and just start reading it everyday.

You will find out soon. You will expand the limitations of your mind and love everything you get in your life.

Then you will see.

This is a beautiful morning. It is beautiful because the beauty inside you is perceiving it as beautiful.

You are beautiful. Say it to yourself every second of your day.
Discover the artist inside you
Focus on yourself.

There are thousands of things we love to do in our childhood.

Playing with colors and dirt was always awesome for us.

Are the colors changed?

Or the dirt of your garden lost its touch?

No, not at all.

It’s you who has stopped doing these all things.

You can rediscover the joy.

And this morning is the perfect timing for it. All you have to do is to forget you are a grown up and become a child again.

You will easily find the colors, brushes and everything else you need for coloring your morning and your life with time.

Do Nothing: Yes you heard me right

Your mind is frightened when you find yourself doing nothing worth of joy, learning or something valuable.

But why is waking up early and not feeling tired it important to be active all the time?

I am not asking for being inactive either.

Just sit at your favorite place in your home and be calm, silent and don’t think about anything.

Try it, you will love it. Enjoying yourself with nothing.

In other words, allow yourself to be happy with you only.

As you move forward practicing this habit you realize your happiness does not depend on the things and people around you. As happiness is a state of our mind, not something others have control over it.

In the end, I will request you to take the charge of your life, your health and your happiness by simply developing these habits I shared with you.

Do share it with your lazy friends on social media.

Thank you!

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