The Guide for Two: How to Survive a Plane Crash

Problem-free functioning of a plane depends on the weather, the notorious human factor and technical state. The height is still fatal, the great height kills. However, someone can still get a chance to survive a plane crash even if it is the most terrible tragedy. To wake up in a torn armchair with broken legs and injuries is much better outcome than the end of the mythical tunnel.

Someone will be saved by fate and luck to look at life differently, and those who are not the luckiest ones should only follow the rules, hoping that they will be able to survive. The main thing is to keep your wits and use all available knowledge. Travel with cuties from and you will always feel safe by their side!

Statistics on a chance

What is the chance to become a victim of a plane crash? Only one of the 1.2 million commercial flights has a crash. It turns out that on average, one of the 3.3 million passengers can die. At the same time, 68% of victims are related to fires after the crash.

How likely is it to survive a plane crash?

More often, people survive an unsuccessful take-off or forced landing of the plane. In such cases, the action force is not as destructive as, for example, when two aircraft collide, the fuel tanks explode, or a plane goes down from a great height. However, there is always a chance to survive, and it depends on many factors.

The back of the plane is preferable

Numerous studies have proven that the safest places are located in the back of the plane. Is it possible to survive a plane crash, being in this part of the plane? Your chances of survival there are quite big, they are 40% higher than in the front of the plane.

An ideal option will be a seat near the emergency exit and close to the aisle. Perhaps, the chance to survive is sufficient payment for the hated places in the back of the plane. However, survivors, as a rule, sit within five rows of emergency exits and in the back of the plane.

Strictly follow the instructions of the cabin crew members

The cabin crew members give all the instructions to the passengers before the flight, they show what to do and in what order in the case of the accident.

They’ve received special training and know how to act in emergency situations better than you. Therefore, do not be distracted by anything, while the smiling cabin crew shows how to use the vest and in what position your seat should be. If you are told to draw the knees up to the chest and not to unfasten the belt, then you should do that. No initiative goes unpunished, but in this case, it is completely lethal.

Succeed in 90 seconds

Getting into force-majeure situations, you can start hurrying in an attempt to survive. Can you survive a plane crash? If you unfasten the belt in 90 seconds, then your chances of survival increase greatly. But after all, a person who is constrained by a panic, often, starts trying to break out the window, being fastened. If there no signals from the crew, and you still stay conscious after the crash, then do not delay. The main thing is that you shouldn’t try to get your hand luggage from the overhead bin. Don’t make prevent movement of other people and don’t run the risk. Try to save your life, not your luggage.

According to statistics, the most dangerous time is 3 minutes after take-off and 8 before landing because about 80% of air crashes happen during this period. So, if you want to survive, do not fall asleep after you fasten your seat belts. It’s not the best option to get out of a burning plane, being half-awake. However, there can be even worse one when you try to get out, being drunk. Alcohol greatly reduces concentration and coordination. It doesn’t matter how long the flight will be, do not be blind drunk. It is necessary to be vigilant and ready to take the necessary steps in the case of a crash.

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