How to Choose Cheap Keyless Door Locks?

Door locks act as the first defensive line against any theft or other criminal activity in home, office or other property. Nothing is more important in the world than to fully ensure that the occupants of the home or other property are fully safe from the criminal elements that can do any harm with them. When customers are planning to buy a property, then they will have a number of home-security choices to choose from. Because, there are a number of companies that are manufacturing the home-security systems in a number of designs, features, shapes and cost. And choosing the correct type of security system is a quite difficult task.

The main difference between keyless and mechanical key door lock is that keyless door locks are made with the latest technology. These locks can be opened with the need of a traditional key.

No single locking mechanism door lock can give 100% protection from criminals and burglars, until you chose the door lock of the finest quality. There is a misconception that quality is directly linked with price. This misconception is totally wrong. Now, you can also get a quality security door lock at an affordable price from the market. Just keep one thing in mind; not all the cheap keyless door locks provides the same level of security each time. It is true that not all the cheap keyless door locksare good, but few types do possess such quality. There are a number of features that must be taken into account before purchasing a cheap keyless door lock:

Quality of Construction

The overall quality of construction of keyless door lock is very important. When you are planning to purchase a keyless door lock, then you should great attention to the quality of material from which the lock has made. Just keep one thing in mind; the best quality door locks are made from the wrought iron or welded steel and includes features as welded hinges and one-way screws for better reliability and durability. Just remember, not all the security door locks are made from the same finest material. Each and every company manufactures the door lock according to their needs and requirements.


The cheap keyless door locks come in a variety of styles and shapes. In recent days, you can easily match the design of the door lock that is compatible with the door. It means that some door locks are specifically made for the specific type of doors. So, you must not neglect this point in selecting the right type of door locks.

Focus on Lock

This is the most important feature in selecting a lock. In recent days, there are a number of locks that are available in the market as latch bolt and deadbolt. Each and every type has its own advantages and disadvantages. But, the most reliable door locks used nowadays is a deadbolt type door lock. If you are planning to buy a cheap keyless door lock, then you should prefer the deadbolt door locks over the latch bolt.

Cylinder of Keyless Door Lock

Usually, the keyless door lock comes in one or more cylinder in total. If you rally concern the security of your loved ones, then you should go for the multiple cylinder door lock. The reason is that multiple cylinder door locks offer more resistant in breaching than the single cylinder.

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