How to Use Household Items for Self-Defense and to Protect Your Loved Ones

What is self-defense? Self-defense is the use of force to protect yourself against attack. You may face violence when you least expect it. Many people have gained experience that cannot always be called successful. Of course, if you are well-trained in hand-to-hand combat, then you have every chance to emerge victorious in the fight, and to save both your money and honor.

However, not always you can be on an equal footing with the enemy. They may have a knife, physical or numerical superiority. Therefore, you should fight, using any self-defense weapons that the civilization has given you. There is a short list of self-defense tools that can save your life. Thanks to our peers from for helping us make up this list of useful tips!

1. Extinguisher

An extinguisher can save your life not only during the fire. It will be your best friend at the time of a dangerous attack. The use is extremely simple, you just need to disorientate the enemy with a powder or foamy jet, and then use the extinguisher as a “great equalizer,” hitting the enemy on the head.

2.  Pen

In the right hands, a pen can really be more useful than a sword. The police are well aware of that, so they do not let the football fans to the stadium if they have pencils and pens. However, you should use your pen skillfully, aiming at the softest, vulnerable parts of the body, such as the face, throat and even the eyes. Remember that it’s not about a trivial quarrel but about a fight that can threaten your life. In such cases, you have every right to pierce someone’s eye.

3. Keys

Keys are what you always take with you. They can be different, but almost any key can severely cripple an attacker. You can use them in two ways. If you have a large bunch of keys, then just clutch it in the fist, the force of the blow will increase heavily. Besides, you can buy a self-defense keychain, that will help you injure the enemy. If you have one key, then you can clutch it between your fingers and hit a vulnerable spot with the key.

4. Watch

If you have a very expensive watch, then you might not want to take that step, but if your watch is quite cheap, then use it without hesitation. A metal bracelet of your watch can serve as brass knuckles. It will increase the strength of your blow and will save you from the fate of the beaten loser. Keep in mind that there is a 99% chance that the watch will be broken. However, even if the watch is very expensive, it will still be cheaper than the cost of your life.

5. Belt

A belt is good not only because it fits perfectly with the color of your shoes. You can use it in the most difficult situation. First, flogging is unlikely to give someone pleasure. So, a belt with a heavy plaque is a huge problem for an attacker. If the enemy decides to make close contact, then don’t forget about such a glorious thing as suffocation. Be careful, you have to defend yourself, not kill.

6. Flashlight

A flashlight is great for a tactical scenario when an attack occurs at night. First, you blind the attacker, and then you use the flashlight as an improvised club. However, you should keep in mind that the flashlight should be made of good material, not plastic. It must be with a bright light and quite heavy to serve as a club. Talking about the technique of punch, you should hit as if you want to put a stamp on the enemy’s face. Movements must be very strong and accurate.

7. Smartphone

Modern smartphones have passed a lot of tests for strength, therefore, they can be used, for example, for women’s self-defense. To do that, it’s necessary to take the smartphone tightly with your hand and strike out with its corners. Strikes should be applied to the eyes, nose, neck. If you hit in the stomach, then you will not get a special result.

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