7 Reasons to Select Cheap SSL Shop as Your SSL Certificate Provider

The internet is constantly under the threat of a cyber-attack. Hackers are always looking out for different ways to compromise the security system and steal confidential information or change the coding and algorithm of the computers. This can hamper the relationship between the brand and the customer. Ultimately, it badly affects the business and impedes business growth. The more advanced technology we are using, the more prone we are to cyber-attacks. That’s the main reason internet security is so important. You can achieve this through SSL Certificate.

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate is primarily a data file that encrypts the details of an organization through a cryptographic key. If your website is equipped with this certificate, it enables secure data transfer between your web server and browsers. Previously, the SSL Certificate only used to secure website transaction information, but now every website is suggested to install SSL Certificate on their server. However, it has become one of the best practices to use SSL Certificate during the development stage.

It gets displayed as a green padlock in the browser address bar of the browser along with HTTPS protocol. The ‘S’ here represents ‘Secure’. The owner can build strong trust between the company and the customer by securing their information through this certificate.

Importance of SSL Certificate

When sensitive information is not encrypted during transfer. Hacker can easily steal the information through a security breach. Customers have also become increasingly mindful of providing their private information to trusted sites only, and a visitor only purchases any product from your website, once they start trusting.

Every website must have SSL Certificate on their server to protect their visitor confidential information from data theft. E-commerce must install SSL Certificate mandatory to build a strong trust with the customer and drive more sales. Also, Google Search Engine provide ranking benefits to HTTPS website.

About Cheap SSL Shop

Cheap SSL Shop offers SSL Certificates of popular Certificate Authorities such as Comodo, RapidSSL, Thawte, GeoTrust, GlobalSign, etc. These are globally trusted brands that offer a huge variety of digital certificates. You can purchase the certificate type that best matches your business.

Types of SSL Certificates they Provide

The SSL Certificates are broadly divided into two categories. One type is based on validation and the other type is based on the type of the certificate.

Based on Validation: Let’s discuss the SSL Certificates as per validation first:

1. Domain Validation SSL

Domain Validation SSL offers the most basic validation level from the Certificate Authorities. It is issued only after the concerned Certificate Authority verifies that an individual at the respective domain has approved the request for certification. Usually, the Certificate issued through an automated process and no human certificates are involved.
The price of domain validation SSL is quite less when compared to other certificates like Organization & Extended Validation SSL.

However, it is less secure as a cybercriminal associated with DNS poisoning can easily get the DV SSL Certificate for the fake website and create a clone website to redirect all your visitors. The information submitted by your visitors is no longer secure on this website.

2. Organization Validation SSL

If you want your company website to be validated, Organization Validation SSL is the perfect choice for you. It allows you to encrypt the sensitive information provided by the visitors and secures the transactions carried out on the website.

Specific documentation is to be submitted to the Certificate Authority and the request for the certificate is only approved if the documents match their guidelines. The Certificate Authority mostly requires the below-enlisted documents for the certificate issuance.

  1. Bank statement
  2. CA approved attestation letter
  3. Authentic government license
  4. List of third-party database
  5. Incorporation article
  6. Legal existence record
  7. A Letter that specifies issuer’s association with the company

It takes around three to five days to issue OV (Organization Validation) certificate.
Your certificate includes your authenticated organization details, 2048 bit future proof SSL Certificates, unlimited server license and re-issuance, universal compatibility with 99.9% browsers and mobile devices, and SHA-2 signed certificates with 256-bit strong encryption. It consists of a single certificate that secures both example.com and www.example.com.

3. Extended Validation SSL

Extended Validation SSL is the most trusted SSL Certificate type. It entails a standardized process of validating the authenticity of the business before issuing the certificate. The verification process is very tedious in comparison to DV and OV SSL. The browser displays the verified company name in the address bar in the green text along with the country code after the website installs EV SSL. EV SSL effectively prevents phishing attempts and enhances the website security manifold.

Based on Type: Let’s move onto the SSL Certificates based on its type.

1. Single Domain SSL

Single Domain SSL, like the name suggests, protects just one domain name. Suppose you buy an SSL Certificate for www.example.com, Single Domain SSL will not provide any security for the mail.domain.com or web pages built on other subdomains.

2. Wildcard SSL Certificate

Wildcard SSL Certificate is a good choice to secure multiple subdomains hosted under one domain. It involves less operational cost and is easy to get. It provides the website 256-bit encryption and authenticates all the subdomains too. SaaS and Application Providers find Wildcard SSL Certificate to be an ideal fit for their business needs.

3. Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

Multi-Domain SSL Certificates help the website owners to secure multiple domains & its sub-domains with a single certificate. A Multi-Domain SSL Certificate reduces the hassle of managing multiple SSL Certificate for each website. Strong encryption and universal compatibility are the main advantages of this certification.

Why Cheap SSL Shop is the best option for Buying SSL Certificate

For website owners who are looking forward to buying SSL Certificate from trusted sources, Cheap SSL Shop is the most popular web stores. Here’re the reasons why it is the most trusted by customers worldwide.

Cheap SSl

1. Wide Range of Products

They have an extensive range of certificates that can match your needs. Whether you have B2B or B2C business, they have the right SSL certificate for you. Cheap SSL Shop has all the different types of certificates that a website may need.

2. Lowest Price

The price of Domain Validation SSL at Cheap SSL Shop starts from $7 per year, and that’s big affordable in comparison to the other SSL sellers.

3. 24*7 Customer Support

Customers have always given a generous rating and positive reviews for Cheap SSL Shop. That’s just because they deserve it. With customer delight as their priority, they never fail to make their customers smile with their authentic products and flawless service.

4. Free 30 Days Trial SSL Certificate

You get a free trial SSL Certificate for 30 days. This includes domain validated RapidSSL and GeoTrust SSL Certificate. Once you complete the free trial, they will notify you to upgrade the certificate. You can extend the validity only if you find the product satisfactory enough for your business.

5. Full Refund: Within 30 Days of purchase (if not satisfied)

Even after purchasing the certificate, if you are not happy, Cheap SSL Shop provides you the liberty to claim a full refund within 30 days of purchase. If you find that the certificate is not up to the mark, you will be refunded the entire amount.

6. Trustworthy

Cheap SSL Shop is one of the most reliable places to shop for SSL Certificates. You can completely trust them with your website security.

7. Highest Customer Rated Website

Cheap SSL Shop obtain 4.8 out of 5 based on 2,599 customer rating in Shopper Approved

Customers have always given a generous rating and positive reviews for Cheap SSL Shop. That’s simply because they deserve it. With customer delight as their topmost priority, they never fail to make their customers smile with their authentic products and flawless customer service.


If you are yet to think about your website security, do it right away before a hacker catches hold of your confidential information. Buy an SSL Certificate from Cheap SSL Shop and ensure the safety of your business data as well as your customer’s personal details.

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