4 Benefits of Using E-signature For Your Business In 2020

In an age where technology has modified every industry, a lot of businesses have benefited from it as well. If you go back a couple of decades, you will realize how much business has changed. With so many tools and technologies at the disposal, the way we used to business has changed completely.

These innovations have helped the business become faster, more efficient and profitable. And the tools we are introduced to are not big and complex; they are pretty simple and easy to use. One new tool people are using more and more for their business these days is e-signature. Not only e-signature help you save time and money but it also helps you save paper and contribute to an eco-friendly environment.

In this article, I have mentioned the benefits of e-signature that will convince you to integrate it into your business as well.

Saves Time and Resources

The major advantage of using e-sign is that it saves you a lot of time and resources. When you have to sign a business document and send it to another state or country, you will have first to sign it and then mail it to the second party who will have to mail it back to you once they are done. This is a complex process and can take several days. So, to avoid such a hassle, you should use e-sign, which you will be able to send to the other party in seconds and will be done with the entire procedure within minutes.

Increase Productivity

As mentioned earlier, using e-sign can save you a lot of time. The process that used to take days will be finished within a few minutes and you can move to the next step immediately. That way you will be able to get the most out of your business and you will see an increase in your profits as well. It will also keep your employees motivated when they would not have to wait days for a single document. If you do not have an app for e-sign, you can go to sodapdf.com which is simple and easy to use.


With e-signature, you sign a document, convert into pdf and email it to the second party. While with actual paper documents, you will have first to sign the document, then you will have to mail it via a courier service. If you compare it, e-signature is costing you virtually nothing, but for a single paper signature, you will have to pay the shipping fee and possibly cab fare as well in some cases.

Secures the Document

There is always a risk involved in mailing a document in hard copy. The document will first go to your employee and when the second party receives it, it will again change a few hands until it goes up the chain. Throughout this process, there is a significant chance that someone will get a peek at your documents. With e-signature, no such risks are involved because all you have to do is mail the document to the concerned person.

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