These 4 things about mattresses are nothing but myths

Mattresses are an integral part of your home. It does not just decide the kind of comfort you will experience through the day; it also ensures that you have overall better back health. Irrespective of whether you are buying king size mattresses or even a queen-sized one, it is important that you keep certain prospects ticked off and then proceed to make the final purchase.

With everything around, you are bound to experience a bout of myths around the mattresses that you do need to keep in mind. It is important that you keep these in mind while buying the mattresses for your bed.

Pillow top mattresses are the comfiest

When it comes to the pillow-top mattresses, it is with no doubt that they are very comfortable but for the most part, it is a gimmick that they are the comfiest of them all. It is often considered as a marketing technique opted by the majority of the marketing brands to bring around the better sale of their pricey mattresses. Several experts suggest that the comfortable and the plush feeling can also be achieved with the traditional mattress design as well.

One size fits all

This is possibly one of the biggest myths because much like how the beds come in different sizes, the same applies for the mattresses too like you have king-sized and even the queen size mattresses that come around for your own comfort. The size of the mattress depends on how many people are sleeping, the size of your bed and even the kind of space that you have around. It is a complete myth that a one size fits all is a thing because it’s not.

The lifetime warranty covers it all

Majority of the mattresses nowadays do come with the lifetime warranty which might seem enticing but it isn’t often the best option to get persuaded with. For the most part, this entails that as soon as the mattress experiences any kind of wear or tear, chances are that it won’t be categorized under the same. The term lifetime warranty is very vague and if your mattress comes along with one, it is best suggested that you ask the manufacturer and clear the doubts before purchase.

A test run in the showroom is enough

We often end up picking the mattress for our bed after testing it out for a few minutes in a store by lying down on it. If you think that 10 minutes of testing the mattresses for every prospect, especially the comfort and durability is going to be enough, you are mistaken. It won’t be enough or it isn’t enough as well. There are also some companies which don’t offer any trial which is worse. It is best that you keep other prospects in mind before you end up picking one around.

Mattresses are costly, so, the last thing you want is to end up regretting the purchase. It is best suggested that you do keep these myths in mind and go beyond the same before purchasing anything.

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