Experience Glo Pilates Online: The Ultimate Workout in the Comfort of Your Home

Whether you have 10 minutes or a full hour to schedule in a sweat session, pilates online classes are at the touch of your fingertips. Coined in the 1920s, Joseph Pilates combined a series of 500 moves–34 of which take place on a mat–as a way to strengthen the body and facilitate functional movement.

At Glo we strive to carry out that vision. As we strive to create a world in which everyone lives to their true potential, Glo offers unlimited access to yoga, pilates, and meditation for a set monthly fee. To empower the mind, body, and spirit is the ultimate goal of our practice. It just so happens that Pilates offers a strong foundation for any workout plan, as well.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a low-impact workout that strengthens muscles, improves alignment, and encourages flexibility. This practice can be performed with or without equipment, with minimal space or on a reformer, or with a class or individually. Simply put, pilates is a versatile practice that focuses on slow, precise movements and breath control. A main target of pilates is the core, which is the foundation for all other exercises.

Different Types of Pilates

There are two main types of Pilates: exercises that are performed on a mat and exercises that are performed on a reformer. A reformer is a stationary machine that uses springs and bands to isolate and strengthen targeted muscles.

Since Glo is a virtual pilates online provider, most videos are focused on exercises that can be performed on a mat. These moves can be performed anywhere and anytime, which makes it extremely versatile, portable, and flexible.

No Equipment Necessary

One of the greatest aspects of yoga and pilates online is the irrelevancy of additional, expensive equipment. These practices rely heavily on the mind, body, and soul–not barbells, treadmills, and machines. In certain classes, stretch bands, weights, or blocks may be optional. However, all exercises can be performed with the most minimal accessories. We simply encourage you to minimize your thoughts and join us on the mat.

Why Should I Choose Glo?

From Core Basics for the Active Beginner to the Classical Piles Challenge, Glo has a class and an ability level to meet the needs of all users. From beginner to advanced, from 15 minutes to 60, users can find a video meet any fitness goals. Glo can help you create an online practice that is uniquely your own.

With a versatile yoga and pilates online video gallery, Glo offers videos in a format that is compatible with laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Videos can even be downloaded for easier access at a later time without the requirement of a WiFi connection. Users can select appealing videos and even play their favorites workouts over and over.

Meet the Teachers

Here are Glo, we depend on our instructors to be leaders, motivators, and experts in their area of interest. Each of our instructors led multiple classes and are highly trained in pilates, yoga, meditation, or a mixture of all three. They understand the importance of overall health–mind, body, and soul. Our instructors have also received training in Glo’s vision and mission, so that they can provide the same unique experience to every one of our clients.

Try Us Out

We know you will love Glo and our instructors, so we have decided to offer a 15 day free trial. We encourage you to try us out and give us a chance to make your life more zen with our yoga and pilates online classes.

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