10 signs that proves you have a genius mind, according to science

Signs of a genius

We all know that no person is born genius. One have to study really hard to become a genius. But since last few years, scientists have been researching on these things, and they have found some personality traits that if you have within you, then that tells you are a genius.

So let’s learn more about these signs of a genius in this article.

1. Curious by nature.

Do some questions constantly troubles you in mind, and force you to take actions and find their answers?
Do you find yourself reading various articles or blogs on different subject over the Internet?
Do you carry out small experiments time-to-time to find answers to your questions?

If answers of any of these questions is “Yes”, so this really can mean you are a genius

As Albert Einstein used to say,

I have no special talents. I am just passionately curious.

If you constantly get questions in your head and you research on them to find answers, then you’ll learn a lot in the process. And this is why it is an important trait of a genius.

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2. Sense of Humour

There was a study done on the attractiveness of people, in which they found that the people who scored high in abstract thinking and verbal intelligence had high sense of humour.

This means they are good at making others laugh and can attract more people towards them.

The reason behind this is that cracking spontaneous jokes involves complex mental activities. And the people having strong visualization power can do it very well!

So keep on cracking jokes because it doesn’t make you look silly but intelligent.

3. Forgetfulness

So do you constantly keep on  forgetting trivial things in life? And this irritates people a lot.
Do you get into the deep thoughts many times? And people call you absent minded?


This is also a sign of a genius.

A genius’s mind is usually preoccupied with complicated thoughts and because of this it is only more natural for him to forget about petty things in life. And because of this all the small things in life can be easily bailed on.

4. Waking up late

If you have a habit of staying up late at night. And you use this time constructively, then welcome to the genius club! Geniuses mostly are night owls and not early birds.

The reason behind this is simply because they get all the silence in night that they can utilize to work on their project. And if some task can keep you awake at night, then that also means you love that task and can give your hundred percent to it.

Geniuses most prefer to wake up till late morning or afternoon after they go to bed.

5. Talking to yourself

Have you ever been caught talking to yourself?

Whenever you are alone do you inadvertently start talking to yourself?

So give yourself another big plus! Because this also a sign that you are highly intelligent. Whenever you are working on some projects and the project is really intense, then you are more likely to talk to yourself.

At times of stress, talking to oneself reduces stress and also gives psychological motivation. 

6. Laziness

Hearing this will make you happy that scientists also believe laziness as a trait of a genius! But laziness and genius sounds quite opposite right?

Well the reason behind this is, because geniuses are constantly involved in exhausting mental activities which can make body really tired. Brain consumes the most calories in our body as compared to any other organs.

Because of this constant thinking can make you tired really fast! But one important thing is to be noted that a lot of times after laziness sessions they often become hyperactive in their work.

7. Staying unorganized

If your room stays very messy and more than that your work table? Then this is also an indicator that you are a genius.

One recent research has also claimed this that messy work table boosts our creativity and our ability to work on new projects. This is a very common trait of most of the geniuses

8. Thinking before bed

This is a very common trait of most of the geniuses. Analyzing the day well before sleep. And thinking about different outputs of a particular situation is a positive indicator.

There is very famous thought,

We don’t learn from our experiences; we learn by reflecting on our experiences.

And this reflection helps out geniuses with better ideas and creativity.

9. Less Social

If you have very less and selected friends and you are less social. So this also means that you may be a genius. Like how there’s is a very famous quote,

Birds of the same feather flock together

In the same way geniuses prefer company of like minded people. Because there is good understanding between them. And because there are very less people who think like them in life.

That’s why they have less friends. Their interests and priorities are also very different from average people. And this is why they don’t socializing doesn’t excite them that much. 

10. Value knowledge more than entertainment

If you value educational and informational content more as compared to entertainment then that means you are also a member of “The Genius Club”.

Because no one is a genius from birth.

So this information and knowledge consumption makes them increasingly intelligent at every stage of life! There is also a very famous line:

That geniuses consume information like food!

So these were 10 signs that shows you are a genius. How many of these you have in you? Please tell us in the comment box below.

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