Free Dating Websites for Folks Over 50

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Trying something new can be difficult especially as we get older. This is part of what has discouraged many seniors from seeking new love or new adventures. They simply consider themselves done with life and just sit, rocking their days away.

If you intend to live out the rest of your life feeling loved and really alive, meeting new people and creating new love connections is a sure way of achieving this. You will be shocked to discover that you can still feel butterflies if you allow yourself to feel and love again.

Our goal in this article is to help you overcome your fear or lethargy and take the step towards finding love again. We will attempt to achieve this by providing you with a few proven websites you can consider and also give you a few tips just in case you decide to check out other websites for yourself.

Review of Some Top Dating Sites for Senior Citizens

There are a number of dating websites out there that serve senior citizens exclusively. However, not all of them can be considered the best senior dating siteor even one of the best. To ensure you do not waste your time trying out websites that won’t offer you much by way of value, we have shortlisted a few that we consider the best of the best.

Go through this list and choose one. We are almost certain that you will thank us for our recommendation. Here they are:

Our Time

Our Time is a dating website designed only for user from 50 years and above. This is a great place for seniors to find love or at least make new connections.

Aside from the fact that it has a large pool of members from across the world, it also tries to ensure it matches you with the right people by having you answer some carefully selected questions that gives it an insight into who you are and what you like.

You can join for free and maintain a standard membership also for free. If however you want to enjoy everything the site has to offer, then you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Senior Match

This site is regarded as the number one dating site for seniors. It’s been around for almost 20 years and in this time it has helped connect lots of senior citizens.

This is a free site with a minimum age requirement of 50. Though it is free to join, there is a premium membership plan which gives you full access to the full features of the site.

One of the interesting things about Senior Match is that they vet members. To ensure you are indeed who you claim to be, they require that everyone who wants to use their services first proves his or her identity. This is indeed a great feature which will ensure that the site remains safe for its users.

Senior People Meet

The name alone says it all. It’s a strictly seniors affair with the minimum age being 50. This is another great dating website where seniors can search for love or fresh connections.

You can create albums of your pictures and share them as well as your interests. The site also understands that people’s privacy should be respected so it has a feature that allows you manage whether or not to receive messages or even appear online.

It allows you determine who you want to see you, send private messages to other members and even block anyone you do not want sending you messages.

As with most of these websites, joining is free but you can only access the full features it offers when you upgrade to a paid membership plan.

Silver Singles

Silver Singles gets its name from the silver coloring of greying hair. It’s of course only open to folks aged 50 and above.

It makes it very clear that it is not for people who want brief flings or hookups. Their goal is to build lasting relationship so they welcome only those who have this same goal in mind.

Another thing the site does not support is same-sex relationships. It is not allowed on the site so if that’s what you want, you know not to bother.

They have a great customer service that is efficient and on-hand to help you fix any issues.

Joining Silver Singles is free but again, you will need to upgrade to a paid membership plan if you intend to have full access to every feature on the site.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dating Site

Choosing a dating website can be confusing and tiring given the number of options that are currently available. What we will do is to quickly touch on some important factors you may need to consider before choosing one. You can read this article here for a more exhaustive look at the subject.

Let’s just look at a few quick points.

Age Restriction

As a senior, there’s no dating site that will not accept you. You may however be better off with one that is designed exclusively for people of your age range. It will be far easier for you to find someone with shared interests and aspirations on such a platform.

This of course will not apply to you if you are not interested in connecting with people in your age range.

Membership Size and Spread

A website that has 20 million members spread across the world will offer a better statistical chance of you finding the right connection than one that only has 1 million members concentrated in one or two countries.


This is something you may also want to consider. Not all sites require any kind of upgrade. Some are totally free and still offer decent services. Do not just think that one website is better than the other simply because they charge a fee. Try it out or read testimonials before drawing a conclusion.

Security Check Features

There are number of risks that have been associated with online dating. You can read up on this subject in this article: online dating dangers. This is one of the reasons why a lot of folks tend to avoid free dating websites.

That said, it’s always safer to choose a platform where their members undergo some form of security check. They either submit their identification or prove their identity in one way or the other. If you can find a dating site that tries its best to vet its users, then you would have found a platform where the risk of online dating will be greatly reduced.


At 50 or over 50, you have to capacity to love again. It doesn’t matter what your history is or where you are coming from. There are loads of senior folks like you hungry to connect. Take a bold step and reach out to them through any of these online dating websites for seniors.

You will be amazed at how much fun you can still have even at this age.

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