The Few Unique Characteristic Traits of People Who are Sapiosexual

Have you ever thought of what attracts you to other people both pragmatically and romantically? What are the few things that come to your mind? While there are people who get automatically turned on by the sense of humor of someone, or by the way the person laughs or the color of their eyes, there are other people also who do not concentrate on any of these components when they choose their partner.

For some, nothing that resides outside seems to be attractive and hence they would rather settle with someone whose intelligence has impressed them. There are many who consider the intelligence of a person to aid in attracting a person. There is a group of people that most importantly focuses on intelligence, and they are called sapiosexuals. For these particular people, intelligence isn’t only a bonus, but it is a necessity. Here are a few signs of being a sapiosexual.

Sign #1: Clever conversation and intelligence will inspire you

Though it is true that most of us love intelligent conversation, a sapiosexual will need it every day from the partner whom they choose. Whenever you hear someone speaking about their thoughts and the different things which they know in life, you will not only feel tempted to admire them, but you will also get attracted to them on a different level. It’s not only their intelligence but their command of themselves that is a turn on. Their “confidence” of their intellect, if you will, does it for sapiosexuals.

Sign #2: Intelligence is above everything; credentials have no importance

When you’re a sapiosexual, you will tend to dig deeper within human beings. If you don’t find anything underneath the surface, you will find these types of people uninteresting and flat out boring. You won’t be able to imagine living with someone like this for the rest of your life. You crave intelligence and it is that which is exciting for a sapiosexual. You won’t be worried about how much they make for a living or how much money they have. Being rich doesn’t make you smart.

Sign #3: You love to debate on topics

In the case of you coming across someone who challenges you (e.g. to engage in a debate), you will likely instantly feel attracted to them on a deeper level. You will always find a counterpart who tends to expand and stretch your mind, and that person will never shy away from using their knowledge to entice you. You will feel attracted towards their eagerness and they will always have a thirst for conversation.

Sign #4: You don’t like small talk

You’ll tend to feel uncomfortable physically whenever someone is not able to hold a deep conversation with you. Small talk is nothing but nightmarish for sapiosexuals.
If you have been wondering whether or not you’re a sapiosexual, take into account the signs listed in this article. If you fit most of these descriptions, chances are you are a textbook sapiosexual. If you’d like a more thorough breakdown of sapiosexuals and what they are, you may read more:

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