5 of the Best Trekking Paths in the UK to Try Out On Your Next Trip

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When it comes to natural beauty, few places can compete with the country side of UK, with its stunning collection of flora and fauna, beautiful little hamlets that look like they belong on post cards and of course, the stunning hiking trails. It is a pity how a lot of people are unaware of the amazing little hiking trails that are littered all across UK.

Today, we take a look at some of the most beautiful trekking paths across UK that you can go on while on your next vacation. But we highly suggest that you do your research about the trails before undertaking your journey, because some of these may remain closed due to seasonal changes.

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  • The West Highland Way: Considered Scotland’s most famous trekking path, these 95 miles of beautiful stretch offers a beautiful transition of scenery as you move from the lowlands to the heart of the West Highland. Take some time to take a few snaps of the Loch Lomond, and finally when you arrive at Ben Nevis, which happens to be the tallest mountain in Britain, you can unpack and rest for a while. Of course, you can always sign up for trekking guides which also provide you with detailed maps and arrange to transfer your luggage since the journey is not a short one, and perhaps you may need to stay at a lodging for the nights.
  • The Pembrokeshire Coast Pathway: Perhaps one of the longest trails with a ground of 186 miles to cover, this one track offers a view of one of the most stunning British coastlines. You will need at least ten days to cover the entire coastline, but we suggest that you take your time and bring out the camera because you will not be able to resist the view. From stunning flora to rugged terrains, this trek offers you a breath of fresh air and the very best that Welsh trekking has to offer.
  • The Lizard peninsula: If you are an active trekker and looking for your next challenge then this one is perfect for you. Be very careful of the serpentine steps as they tend to be a little steep and need expert manoeuvring, and chances are that this trail is closed during the rainy season. While you are here, we suggest that you take a walk along the breeze and perhaps dip your feet in the ocean for a while to clear the mind. However, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Kynanace Cove, as the walk to it from the Park barely takes you twenty minutes, but it is worth the walk as it offers an amazing view.
  • The Costwold Way: Starting at the beautiful little town of Chipping Campden and ending in the middle of Bath, the Costwold Trail covers roughly 100 miles of land. This one is absolutely perfect for the history buff because not only do you get to see the rich history of Chipping Campden, but while on the trek, you also get to stop at the town of Broadway. Unfortunately, while the walk towards the village of Stanway may be beautiful with stunning views and an easy enough trek, the last section of the trek, that is, from Wood Stanway all the way to Hailes, the walk can be a little steep and the terrain can be a little difficult to chart. But you can take a little break and look at the beautiful scenery in Winchcombe.
  • The Helvellyn path in Lake District: No trekking journey is ever complete without a visit to the Lake District, and the Helvellyn trek also happens to fall on the easier side of the trekking paths. You get to trek along the Striding Edge, which offers a beautiful and scenic view, and you get to stop at Helvellyn, which happens to be the third highest mountain in all of England. Take a few minutes to breathe in the clean, fresh air of nature and look down the stunning view of Tarn Hows. Once you are done, take a leisurely walk down the steep plain, get yourself a well-deserved ice-cream and take the bus.

Did we miss out on any hidden tracks that you personally know of and have trekked? Or would you like to tell us which one of these are your favourites? Do leave us a comment in the section below and let us know. Until then, happy travelling!

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