Data Entry Online Assessment For The Purpose Of Recruitment

data entry test

The data entry operation is one of the most important aspects associated with companies all across the globe, due to the sheer value the operators bring with themselves. Most of the important portions of the manual operations and data filling are being carried out by the data operators, making the profession extremely important and in demand. Henceforth, there is a dire need for a good assessment for the professionals coming in for the data operator designations.

The data entry test is herein the most important one to account for due to the plethora of values it brings with itself. It is specifically designed to bring out the internal qualities of the candidate in question and tests him against the segment best questions to have an all-round performance and quality analysis of the person concerned. By virtue of this test, the computer literacy of the person in question is tested against pre-set benchmark, along with the inherent proficiency in Microsoft Excel. In addition, the proficiency with detailing in work, aptitude in general domains and the ability to type non-erroneous and fast are also reviewed.

There are a host of benefits directly linked with usage of this assessment:

The candidates participating indata entry test and getting ahead will be bestowed with the following attributes.

  • Will be able to implement computers as effectively as possible to perform the daily chores with flying colours
  • Will be able to extract and generate documents and reports via usage of the Microsoft Word.
  • Will be able to use the Microsoft Excel program to implement business logic and perform organized data manipulation
  • Will be able to organize, receive, send and henceforth analyze data of the organization as deemed necessary
  • Will be able to precisely perform tasks with maximized detailing to match levels of benchmarked accuracy
  • Will be able to match, manage and troubleshoot all basic leveled issues arising in the workspace and get to the depth to solve them

Specifications of operators:

The data entry operators are virtually the backbone of any company in terms of the work load they have to undertake to get their job done. They are completely responsible for the accuracy of all the data belonging to the company in question and are also directly responsible for the verification as well as analysis of the validation of data they are handed with. Therefore the assessments to judge their true capabilities have to be top notch to bring out the best in them. Operator proficiency judgement is a factor which requires a great deal of insight to know what the best foot forward is to get things done. The assessment is henceforth extremely important in this regard as it will bring out the best in the operators and highlight the areas where they can be included and utilized best.

Key profiles that the test can be useful for:

The test is completely valid and directed for a variety of positions in the long run for recruitment purposes. Fresher as well as experienced people are both eligible to be judged by the incremental questionnaire of this assessment. The chief job roles where this assessment is applicable are as follows:

  • Data Entry Based Operators and associated Typists
  • Office and concurrent Municipal Clerks
  • MIS based Executives and Computer-based Operators
  • Office based Coordinators in addition with Staff Service Supervisor

Test related information:

There are a total of six sections in the data entry test where the total number of questions is 26 in all. The total duration of the test is 30 minutes for completion. The test is generally held in English, which can, however, be taken in any other languages as well as per the comfort and requirement of the candidate in question. This makes the incremental assessment of the candidates in question better and more suited to meet the requirements which are the primary agenda for recruitment for the hiring organizations.

Section Details to take care of:

(1)          Computer proficiency (basic): The ability of the candidate is being tried and tested in terms of usage of a computer. It requires basic knowledge regarding the hardware, security aspects, the networking and lastly the system based software proficiency.

(2)          Microsoft Word: This examination is aimed at the ability of a candidate to handle the basic aspects of Microsoft Word and use it for reviewing, analysing, printing, formatting, table creation and other parameters.

(3)          Microsoft Excel: The assessment focuses at testing the candidate against the important feature set of excel program in creation of charts, tables, shortcut trick usage, and data entry, password protection feature, filtering and sorting abilities.

(4)          Detail oriented approach: The candidate must be well oriented and well versed with the numerous detailed approaches requires moving the data in synchronous feature.

(5)          Analytical ability: The ability of a candidate to adjust to the variable necessities required coming up with detailed analytical approach and perception of the supplied data makes for a great candidate.

(6)          Typing skills: This forms one of the most important factors while judging a candidate’s proficiency towards work. Non-erroneous typing along with a great speed makes a great employee. The usage of proper indentation and symbols ensures great typing skills of a candidate too.

Concluding the assessment:

The benchmarks set as far as the company policies are best suited for judging against the marks obtained by the candidate in the concurrent data entry test. The comparison instantly marks a candidate suitable for employability against a multitude of potentially promising professional all pitted against each other. The time complexity is also sorted as the assessment can be attempted from any place with a proper set-up and proper guidance without the need to deploy a huge deal of man power into monitoring and assessing the candidates manually as done in the bygone days. Thus, the online assessments form an integral part and parcel of the recruiting process in the corporate world in these modern times,

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